John said

going to new york city..

I’m headed to nyc tomorrow, any recommendations for tea shops/rooms? Im also kind of interested in finding a moderately priced yixing, but care more about finding some good tea

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Cofftea said

The Places tab is exactly what this question is meant for. For Yi xing, you should definitely check out China Town. The one place I definitely want to try when I go to NYC next year is Harney & Son’s.

John said

thanks. I did look at the places section, there’s just a lot to chose from and not that many reviews of them all, so I was just trying to narrow it down some. China town does seem like the place for yixing.

Cofftea said

I haven’t been there, but was gifted Harney & Son’s lapsang souchong cheese- it’s a MUST get!

Dinosara said

I can definitely recommend Harney & Sons in Soho, but unfortunately I haven’t been many other places yet. If you’re interested in Parisian teas there’s a Kusmi shop in the city as well. I am interested to see if anyone else has some recommendations as I’m planning to do a “tea day” soon and visit a bunch of places. I definitely plan to go to Sanctuary T (not far from Harney), and to wander around Chinatown a bit.

I’ve no idea either, but I too want to have a “tea day” down in the city as well. Now to convince my husband he wants to go too. :)

Jason admin said

We always recommend Radiance Tea House for NYC:

You can’t go wrong with them. Talk to Dayin, Ally or Ben and tell them the Steepster crew sent you :)

Ricky admin said

If you are looking for cheap teapots you should check out Pearl River.

+1 for Harney in Soho.

Kusmi also opened up a store in NYC if you want to check that out.
1037 3rd Avenue
New York NY 10065

Ahh looks like Dinosara already mentioned it.

Tearoom, Radiance, Cha-an, Sanctuary.

Cofftea said

I’m headed to NYC in May, any place for good matcha (not a tea ceremony though, just something yummy in my tummy)? What about restaurants that cook w/ tea?

That’s what the places tab is for :p

Cofftea said

Um actually not (unfortunately). There is no category for either listed in the Place Profile so unless it is specifically mentioned in the review, I have no clue if they serve either one.

Ahh I see that humor is something that is beyond your conceptual grasp.

Cofftea said

No, but stupid sarcasm is.

Gee, can’t you do a discussion search, Cofftea?

Cofftea said

I did and came up with no results. Your attitude can go the same place The Seattle Tea Snob’s can. No one wants that here.

Well, actually our attitudes are kind of in the same place… we’re both in Washington state. :)

By “no one” you mean you, right? Because, well, I’ve not heard (read) other people complain about my attitude.

LiberTeas how do you know I’m in Washington state?!? Are you stalking me? That’s just creepy! :)

I think things have been misconstrued I’m not here to compete or start a war, that is not my intention. I am here to help you cofftea, help you to become a happier person. So I see that an area of concern is humor, so we shall start with that.

Today’s lesson is knock knock jokes. For knock knock jokes to become successful the first person says “knock knock” the second person responds with “who’s there?” and the joke proceeds from there. For example:

STS: Knock Knock
Cofftea: Who’s there?
STS: Dismay
Cofftea: Dismay who?
STS: Dismay be a funny joke but you have no sense of humor!

So now that we have the basics down, lets see what you have learned. Ok new knock knock joke, you start.

Dinosara said

Sorry to interrupt this love-fest, but I just came across some articles that Cofftea may find of use. It seems that you can get your matcha fix and your tea-based cuisine at In Pursuit of Tea in Soho:

VegTea said

You must visit McNulty’s. Wall to wall loose leaf teas — pretty much anything you could want, and the prices are very reasonable. Lots of flavored black teas, but also unflavored varieties. You can check their catalog online to see if there is anything you’re interested in. They don’t sell online right now, but they do phone or mail orders I think. I do think they serve tea as well, but there is no place to sit down.

CaraTobe said

Agreed! I bought a Darjeeling there and loved it, haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement since!

Onno said

A really nice tearoom in downtown Manhattan is “Radiance” — it’s a tea and book shop. They also serve some nice food. The staff’s very knowledgeable and friendly, and they serve some splendid teas… Whenever friends of mine go to NY, I always send them there. No one has complained about that thus far :) It’s been a few years since I’ve been there myself, but it seems they’re still open.

(Note: I just found out they’re closed for refurbishing from August 8th to 16th… I hope that’s not a problem!)

Pithy said

Go check out this place! I’ve never been, but It looks super fancy & their teas seem legit. They also have a really pretty blue yixing pot, unfortunately it is very UNmoderately priced..

april-girl said

Hope you’re enjoying NYC—my all time favorite city!! Good luck on your tea journey there. Please update on your finds and tea experiences.

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