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It's tea time!!

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I am just finishing up a cup of Grey Rabbit from The Rabbit Hole… and since its nearly gone, I wouldn’t share this (unless someone wants a sip from my cup), but I’m readying myself to brew a pot of Mango Dream from Souvia. Should be ready in a couple of minutes.

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Excelsior said

1:13pm at work. It’s a Friday so I’m bringing out the good stuff. Mariage Freres 2011 FF Namring SFTGFOP1. The DJ1 for 2011 was upgraded from the Fine to the Special or Super Fine. I would not say I am selfish but when It’s the best of the best, and it cost me a small fortune, I would not share it with a stranger. Friends, my wife, yes, stranger, no. For those “strangers,” I keep Orange Valley and Queen Victoria Blend in my desk.

MaddHatter said

That sounds like an incredible tea, ’specially if its only sharible with friends and family

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MaddHatter said

Today I got a free take-away tea from DAVIDs, because the young lady forgot to discount my tins. Can’t complain when tea is offered!! I chose the chocolate chilli chai and not only would I gladly share it with other people but I will be heading back and asking for a FULL tin, because this will be my enyertaining tea!! Bring on the cold weather and bring on game night!! ‘Cause I’ll be ready!

teataku said

Chocolate chilli chai sounds like a wonderful thing to serve to guests, especially on game night as a dessert drink! :D Good thinking!

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Tabby said

It’s 7:54pm in Atlanta, rainy and dark. My friends my brother, and I are having a pot of Arbor Teas’ Organic Makaibari Estate Darjeeling (2nd Flush). This is one of my favorite teas…

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It’s 11:15pm in the Pacific NorthWET, and I just got finished with my cup of Nuttier Than a Fruitcake, which was my custom blend from Ovation Teas. I love how the subtle warmth of the nutmeg warms me from the inside out.

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It’s 9PM and we are trying the first sample I bought from Golden Moon Tea over the Black Friday weekend: Coconut Pouchong. They don’t list brewing parameters for this, so I turned to Steepster to see how most of the reviewers brewed it: 185 degrees, 3 minutes. So that’s what I shot for. GoldenMoonTea says the sample is enough for one serving, but it was actually about two tsp of dry tea, so I used two cups of water. My wife and I both like it: it is very unusual. And yes, I would happily share it with a stranger.

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it’s about 4pm here, and I’m enjoying a chai blended from a Laoshan chai, and a chocolate Ovation chai, steeped in boiling water and a little soy milk, sweetened with stevia. What a perfect drink for a cold, blustery, snowy afternoon!

And, yes, I would happy to share it with company!

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SunnyinNY said

It’s a few minutes after 5pm here in the Big Apple. I just finished a cup of this delightful tea from my new buddy Mike. It’s from a local store in his state called HEB. It’s a hibiscus, ginger & orange flavored tea. Delightful.

And I would share this with company.

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It’s 2:21pm. I drank about 70 ounces of tea this morning and now I am crashing. Hard. And I’m stuck at work for 2 more hours. I have no more tea left. No water. Nothing. WAIT! I PUT TEA BAGS IN MY PURSE YESTERDAY! I STILL HAVE SOME LEFT! THANK YOU STEEPSTER FOR MAKING ME THROW A PITY PARTY FOR MYSELF SO I REMEMBERED I DO, IN FACT, HAVE TEA TO HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY. Pretty soon here I will be having Numi Mate Lemon. AND NO YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY I NEED TO SURVIVE 60 TEENAGERS FOR THE NEXT 2 HOURS. GO ON, GET!

This totally cracked me up! I hear you on the teenagers. I teach. I hope you make it through with those exuberant adult ‘wantabes’ to enjoy your Numi Mate Lemon. Let us know how it is when you do!

Ya, I have 7th and 8th graders and then I do HomeWorkCenter which is about 20-60 6th-8th graders for an hour and a half which can be crazyyyy. The mate lemon hit the spot, though! :)

Glad to hear it!

I’m drinking my first go at the Assam Rain that I recently bought from Teavana, and I’m really liking it!

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Erin said

It’s 7pm here in Toronto and I’m drinking a rather bland ginger peach tea from a President’s Choice tea bag… trying to clear out my cupboard haha. But I just invited a friend over for tea so pretty soon we will be drinking something much nicer :)

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