Jeremy said

Android App

I think it would be great if there was an Android App for Steepster, that way we could review, update, and check reviews in real time, when were out shopping, or when were sitting around having a cup.

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Jason admin said

Can you actually add this to the new feature suggestion thread ( It would go best there, thanks :)

Cofftea said

Jeremy, maybe we could make this thread a general thread about tea apps? Unfortunately it’s not a droid app, but here’s an iphone app from teavana. Dang it, I really wish an iphone wouldn’t be too huge for my tiny hands!:-,(

I have the teavana app for my itouch. plays pretty music while my tea steeps :)

Jeremy said

Yea unfortunately I will not pay ATT a ridiculous amount of money for horid service, Ive got the HTC Hero on Sprint. But agreed, this would make a better thread for apps, revolving around the tea world.

Cofftea said

ATT has given me great service, it’s their other customers that give me problems lol.

Don’t forget one for my blackberry curve too!

as i do not have an android phone YET id just like the mobile version of steepster to be easier to navigate

Maybe if we band together as a Steepster community and donated to the creation of a mobile site/app we’d see some progress?

Remember the Milk actually uses this model. It’s $25 a year to use the app instead of the mobile website. (Just steep enough for an app that I haven’t renewed once my subscription ran out, but an interesting idea anyway.)

Cofftea said

Here’s another iphone app.

Awesome! Thanks.

Its not as simple as just creating an application. If I am correct, then Steepster would need to create their own API for their service that could be used by developers in creating an app.

We have an iPhone App named TasteTimer for steeping tea, french press coffee, and other foods. Please read more at

Our 2 cents as to a Steepster App, I would think that a mobile phone aware version of would be the least time consuming method, especially when trying to support multiple mobile platforms such as the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Steepster should work fine on the iPad, as is. :)

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