New toys to blend with. Suggestions?

With my last tea order, I got some really unique and interesting teas to create some different blends with. I don’t have enough of these teas to make them one of our Tea of the Week blends, so I’m going to create some mid-week bonus blends from them. Would love to know what you guys think we should blend these with. Here’s what I got:

Kukicha Green tea ( ): This was pretty pricey, so I only got two pounds of this. Probably enough for ONE blend and MAYBE some unblended if there’s interest in that.

Hojicha toasted green tea ( ): This one I got five pounds of, so probably two blends and a few pouches unblended.

Lastly, I got some competition grade Tie Kwan Yin. This one was also pricey, so just 2lbs. Probably just a single blend.

So, what do you guys think? What sorts of flavors do you think would go well with these?

Looking forward to your responses!

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I’m thinking berries of some find would go great with those. Or perhaps even some peach or apricots? They sound yummy and you know I’d buy whatever it is. :) (Did you get my last email?)

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My first thought with the Hojicha is that it would probably be good as cinnamon raisin toasty type tea. Or perhaps something with coconut.

With the Kukicha, coconut would be good. This would also be awesome with banana!

For the Tie Kwan Yin, is it a roasted Tie Kwan Yin? How about a chocolate hazelnut? Or a maple flavored Tie Kwan Yin… that one should be awesome.

Tie Kwan Yin: Maple Cheesecake … or Hazelnut Cheesecake.

Anne’s wallet would like to add: Make them all peanut butter blends.

Hahaha you are a bad influence.

Yes… Maple Cheesecake Oolong. Banana Walnut Kukicha. Coconut Snickerdoodle Hojicha (Coconut, Cinnamon and Vanilla).

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Fairyfli said

Yes to all three of LiberTEAS suggestions those sound amazing

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They sound pretty yummy to me too.

so what do I win? :)

My taste buds forever. Can that be a prize? Yes to everything you suggested you wonderful amazing girl you.

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ssajami said

LiberTEAS Coconut Snickerdoodle Hojicha idea sounds amazing! I have never tasted Kukicha, so I have no opinion on that.

As for Tie Kuan Yin…..It’s got such a gentle, subtle flavor, so I think it needs something equally subtle…
A subtle raspberry flavor? or apricots and a touch of cinnamon (reminiscent of Sheri’s blend)?

That said, I personally would LOVE peanut butter/chocolate blends too (particularly with the Hojicha)

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Frolic select said

Coconut in some form with the Hojicha please!

I also really really want a red velvet blend but I think it would be better suited as a honeybush or black.

Angrboda said

I think the coconut sounds nice.

+1 to coconut houjicha.

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Jillian said

The hojicha would be nice with something that has creamy flavours, while the Tie Kwan Yin might go well with fruit flavours (apple or melon maybe?)

Angrboda said

Oh fruity TGY, yes! What about pears?

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Suggestions from our Facebook page:

Monae Marcum Kukicha – Almond Joy, maybe?
15 hours ago · Like

Monae Marcum Hojicha – Dulce de Leche? Caramel Covered Popcorn?
15 hours ago · Like

Monae Marcum Tie Kwan Yin – Plum Spice Cake?
15 hours ago · Like

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Frank -

You have to use one of the Houjicha’s to create a MAN Teas’ blend -
Cigar! (or maybe, Cherry Cigar, or something)
You’d have to add some Lapsang Souchoung probably to the Houjicha, but that would be a very fun tea and a flavor you haven’t tried at ALL for that line. It’s just begging to be made.

You could also do a French Vanilla Houjicha or Kukicha – that was a blend I missed out on with the black tea, but if it was in the Houji or Kuki cha version, I’d have to cave.

Or maybe, as others have suggested fruit flavors – Pear Flavored Kukicha. Sounds good to me!

Oh wow, this Cigar suggestion is awesome!
It would be amazing to see another Manteas blend, I know my boyfriend would be all over it!

I always thought macanudos tasted faintly of coconut.

Coconut, or however you please, but make a cigar ManTea!! :-)

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Mel said

A nutella/banana crepe flavor with the Houjicha? The almond joy-Almond/chocolate/coconut flavor would be tasty with the houjicha, too!
Or ginger molasses/gingersnap cookie flavor with the houjicha?
The cigar tea sounds like total fun, not sure it’s something I would drink, but it’s original!

Love the snickerdoodle idea, too.

With Tie Kwan Yin, if it’s greener, I haven’t had a good passion fruit flavored tea. Like a passion fruit margarita flavor?

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