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MaddHatter said

Because I am so excited that this actually worked! (frothing milk at home)

I was craving a latte and rather than waste money, and because I have half and half at home… and, well a lot of tea…

I checked out some videos on youtube and I am in love with my (seriously hated) microwave again!



These two were my favourite videos! Happy frothing!

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Wow, that looked so easy!

Thanks for sharing that with us!

If you are willing to tell me, I would be interested in hearing how to make a ‘tea latte.’ Do you know which teas work the best: I would guess a black, or a shou pu-erh, or maybe a Maté?

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MaddHatter said

I just tried it with the pumpkin chai from DAVIDs, but I would assume you can do it with any tea? I am gonna try green rooibos next. My poor sinuses need some warm drinks today.

It would make sense to do it with a chai. Let us know how it goes with the green rooibos. I hope it helps your sinuses!

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K S said

I never use milk in my tea but I must try this. It just looks like so much fun. I wish I hadn’t given away my pumpkin spice tea.

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licious said

I was really excited to try this, but unfortunately I didn’t work for me :( I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I use soy milk…. Let me know if anyone else has luck doing it with soymilk!

MaddHatter said

I wonder if soy milk requires that little frother tool? there is a video on youtube showing that almond milk froths..?

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MaddHatter said

The milk made the Rooibos even sweeter…

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DaisyChubb said

Yes I loooove the sweetness of hot/frothed milk!

I have a little “frother” at home – and the best way to froth is with just plain cow-milk. Soy/Almond/Rice milk etc does not have the same compounds that will “froth” it per se, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tasty all warmed up for your tea.

I make pretty much every kind of tea into a latte. Rooibos and honeybush make a nice sweet before-bed latte :) And any tea with a strong flavour works best IMO!

Here’s the kind of frother I have, I think mine was 5 bucks though (they’re cheap, just not this one!):


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