If another person comments on my "tea obsession" I might scream!!

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My mom, dad, and two sisters drink copious amounts of bagged tea and coffee so they are good with my love for tea, just not as interested to dedicated as I am. My mom will buy loose tea but doesn’t use it often. My husband has become interested in trying the new teas when they come. He seems to like most things but favor few. He will more readily say yes to a cup of tea now when I ofter to make him one along with mine.

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marcymi212 said

love the community feeling of tea. living in nyc with starbucks everyplace.. trying to go from coffee drinker to tea drinker has been a challenge any suggestions welcome

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MeadowTea said

All my friends are afraid to make a cup of tea for me. They think I will watch over their shoulders to make sure they do it right.
So, I always have to make the tea, even as a guest in other people’s homes. But that’s ok, I like making the tea; and anyway, they always mess it up! :)

But as to snarky comments, no. My friends and family have learned to roll with my eccentricities.

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