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Welcome to discussions, introduce yourself!

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You know, I don’t think I ever introduced myself either. I just pushed my way around with reviews and in the discussions. :P

Let’s see, I’m about to turn 30 in a couple weeks, I have been in love with tea since I was little, and got interested in tea through my wonderful grandmother, Oma. She and I still have our tea talks when I visit and I enjoy every minute. I’m married to my college sweetheart and my best friend; we’ve been together for over 10 years – married for five. I got married on the radio, actually, DC101, the station that launched Howard Stern. I won a contest; I had to write a poem about our relationship and why we deserved to get married in Las Vegas. It was a blast! Oh, the stories of Vegas.

I have been writing since before I knew how. My mom still has old pieces of tracing paper where I would write the letters from books and try to spell words. When I was about two.

I used to be shy and quiet; got picked on a lot. Became a reporter after college and turned into the outgoing, friendly person I am today. :)

I have been writing all my life but only recently started blogging – a friend triple-dog-dared me, and I don’t turn those down. LOL My blog is at keenteathyme.blogspot.com; stop by! :)

Anything else? Oh, I don’t have any kids yet although I have names picked out (one in honor of my wonderful Oma); I work for the federal government and I love almost all tea except red rooibos: http://keenteathyme.blogspot.com/2011/02/case-against-rooibos.html

I also create my own blends, both on Adagio and in my kitchen. I will be selling some of the creations on Tea Trade in a few weeks.

Any other burning questions? Just ask! I’m an open book! :) (Speaking of, I’m always writing…)

Well official welcome to you! :-) Also happy early birthday I am in March too. Specifically the 30th

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LadyKeira said

Having just found this community, I think I will put the kettle on and settle in for a while.
I am Keira, presently from London, Ontario, Canada. I am married with four children and work full time outside the home as a nurse. I am a voracious reader, always have at least one or two books on the go. I also enjoy quilting in the little spare time I have.
My love affair with tea is really quite recent. Past years have only allowed me time to pick up tea bags and enjoy sporatically but as the children are older now, I can give into my passion.
I have just begun to appreciate all the different teas on the market. My two most recent finds have been the first flush Dejarling (mmmm…divine) and the Saigon Chai (lovely) which I’ve been able to pick uo at David’s Tea. We only have two tea shops here but I am finding many online shops that ship to Canada.
Are there any sites that come highly recommended? I was very interested in the “Jane Austen Mafia” blend (for obvious reasons, lol) and am hoping to find it available somewhere on line.
I am looking forward to ‘meeting’ you and getting to know all about teas.


Hi Keira! Welcome! You’ll love this community – I sure do! :)

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Caitlin said

Yay. I love that this thread got started up again. I suppose I should introduce myself considering I have been here for well over a year!!!

My name is Caitlin and I am a 20 year-old college student. I am an Evolutionary Anthropology major. I have always drunk tea ever since I was a Freshman in high school, but the steepster community has opened me up to a whole new world. I have joined the ranks of those who have more tea than one person could ever drink. And I have to say I love it. Feel free to follow me. I post tasting notes kind of sporadically usually from about 1 or 2 a week to about 1 or 2 a day (depends on my school load). Thats about all I suppose :)


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Andrew said

Sorry if this thread it too old to revive.

I just joined and I am kind of new to tea, I always have been a coffee person, but have started drinking tea a lot more. I like to try different types of coffees and figured I would carry that over to teas.

Some of a my biggest hobbies or passions are Video Games, Books, Horror genre of anything, and Animation.

I mainly like black teas, and I like iced teas more than hot teas.

Nik select said

Welcome! If you’re a gamer, you might enjoy our gaming thread:

DaisyChubb said

Are you a Stephen King fan? When you say Horror Genre of anything that’s definitely me too! I have a closet full of ever Xbox horror game ever, each one worse than the last, but I couldn’t help myself haha!

Andrew-Welcome! :) You just gave me an idea for a new common grounds thread about horror.

Andrew said

Yes I enjoy Stephen King. I have read a lot of his stuff, but plan on going through them all. He has so many O_o

A common grounds thread? Is that just like a general thread for a certain topic?

Nik select said

Andrew, this is the thread in question:

Andrew said

Thank you for the link :) Its kind of hard to find topics on here.

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As this thread has been bumped, I’m going to join in so you don’t think of me as “just another vendor”. :)

I’m Helen and I’m the Marketing & Media Coordinator for In Nature Teas. I’m traditionally a coffee drinker at heart, loving a strong, black java, but I’m also partial to a cup of tea, especially Black tea, mmmmmm.

When I’m not working, I’m typically found at the bowling alley; as a former international player, I work hard to keep my technique in shape, running to keep fit, although some may call it plodding, but I have completed a marathon, reading and occasionally writing. I also have a penchant for 1950s style clothing.

I like this thread; it’s interesting to find out more about people :D

Nik select said

Hi, Helen! =)

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let introduce myself…
I joined today but liking teas from my age of 17. And drinking real!
teas from a year now.
I am 41 y old and working at IT. Graduated BSC food technology.

Nik select said


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Heey everyone,
I joined this site a week ago or something, and am trying to figure it out. I’m UnionJackBrolly, or Sanne, which is a lot shorter and probably easier to remember. I’m a 20 year old University student from the Netherlands. I have a profound love for books, tea, movies, music and baking. I’m partial to strong black tea, scones and sunny autumn days. You can also find me on tumblr and deviantart under this name. <3

Claire said

Welcome to Steepster! :)

Nik select said

Welcome to the family. =)

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darky said

are there actualy some steepster members around from belgium?

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Serenity said

Hi there everyone, I think this is an amazing community. I can’t even begin to comprehend the skill it took to create this, so, well done, you!
I’ve long considered myself a tea nerd and it is incredible to find this whole slew of folks singing praises to that most wonderful of drinks: tea.
I’ve already started chiming in here and there in discussions since I joined a couple of days ago.

DaisyChubb said

Welcome Serenity! Looks like you’ll fit right in here :D

Serenity said


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I’m Jackie, just started Steepster about a week ago as I was searching for alternatives to the pricey Teavana. I’m an Adagio lover right now! I’m a mate drinker in the morning, then mostly black and herbal throughout the day. I love decadent sweet dessert type teas (I treat tea like some people treat cocktails after work).

I’d love to follow anyone on here who write a lot of reviews on teas, values quality for a reasonable price, or has a similar tea taste to my own! I’ve never done swaps but it sounds fun. I live in chilly Vermont so this is great timing to get into some fun new blends :)

I have a grey kitten named Jude and I adore him! I’m assuming many of you on here are the tea, books, and cats kind of people too. But I work in human services in Mental Health and Substance Abuse so those relaxing tactics save me!

DaisyChubb said

Welcome Jackie!
Your work sounds amazing – you’re truly making a difference in the world. I’m glad we could meet over tea :)

Hope to get to know you more!

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