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seule771 said

I have been on steepster for a while now; what began as a research project became a consuming passion/ rather obsessive in fact since it consumed my days. I do not work so this is good and yet not good because I need to be employed in order to pay my bills. Currently life is hellish and to be able to have a cup of tea is a haven for me.

This tea life made me neglectful of husband but I was neglectful prior as I was trying to find me and employment which does not seem ever possible.

My tea reviewing are tiresome with the counting and repeating over and over again; so now I am at a pause and will miss daily postings of teas I sample/drink. But I will not miss the annoyance when I log in from who posted or like my post; I find this annoying as it is communicating not so nice; in fact down right hurtful. But others do not see this; so I have this illness of seeing what is not there and missing real living. I mean life continues to be burdensome for me and I have no support and only abuse and the more I insist the worse it gets.

My husband who was at grocery store to purchase one of the teas I use repeatedly as sold only at this market but he did not see instead purchased another Bigelow Tea for me and this cost $3.99; usually they have it 2/$4.00. It is the count thing and anarchy 99 at play. It feels like others know your move/anticipate your move and control your move so very annoying as you continue to not have income or things; it is sabotage and my paranoia since I am not truthful.

So I will stop because of counting. I am sorry if not understood or believed.

This is one of the better tea sites that I belong too; ease of use is phenomenal and I thank you Jason Roos for this…just plainly thank you everyone!

Serenity said

So nice to meet you!

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Denny said

Hello I’m Denny. I ♥ tea. I’m new to this, so I will be reading a buncha threads. Great website by the way!

Sil select said

welcome to the boards!

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Dapper Tea said

I’m pretty new to steepster. I’ve been writing tea reviews for a while on my blog, but I didn’t know about steepster until recently (I’m really glad a friend of mine told me about it). I’ve written a few reviews on here, and I’m trying to get my cupboard updated, but it’s harder since I’m away from my apartment right now. I’m not exactly sure what to do after that. I’d love some suggestions!

Sil select said

Hang out…read threads, enjoy being around around like minded tea ppl :) welcome to the boards!

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Maria said

Hello all! I am new to loose leaf tea but I am rapidly becoming obsessed! I came upon Steepster by browsing for teas so buy and have been posting a bit and lurking since. I have learned a bunch fron reading post/threads already and hope to learn a whole lot more.

Sil select said

welcome aboard the crazy train! :)

Maria said

Thank you :)

welcome home! and thanks for the swap :)

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ive been here for just a month..and started to love tea at just the same time :D im still learning to steep green teas properly and like black tea best at this time :)

you can check out my short bio, if you like :)

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Oh I should do this….
Hi, I’m not really.. new to Steepster but after lurking forever I finally made an account! I’m mostly a Loose Tea Leaf girl but if I’m out for a run I just throw a quick cup of Twinnings on and go about my day.

I’m mostly loyal to DAVIDsTEA but Twinnings is what I started on and will probably die one & I have a fondness for Murchie’s for making teas for the Queen & Canadian things.

I’ll pretty much try any tea but ones with strong Licorice Root I find make my stomach turn so I avoid them. Anyways, hope to have fun on here!

love your name!

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sandra said

hi everyone,
i am 44, from NL and a bit of a tea snob, esp. when it comes to Japanese teas,my fave.
dislike flavoured teas, and rooibos.
recently joined steepster to learn more about oolongs, and then found this board.

your self description sounds an awful lot like my dear friend Kasumi’s :)

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T.C. said

Suppose I should do this also…..here goes!

I’m T.C. (yes I actually go by my initials out in the real world) and I’m out in the rainy Pacific Northwest. I’m a lover of nature and being out in it. Perfect way to spend a summer day for me is with a dirt trail at my feet and a pack on my back.

Just got hooked on teas a few months ago. One of my Asian friends kept offering me tea when we went to her place. I’d always thought “tea” was just tea….you know…that brown junk in a bag you put in boiling water? I’d tried that years ago and it tasted like crap soo…..
Anyway, she had a ton of loose leaf teas (said her Asian genes made it a requirement lol) and got me hooked on chai’s and green tea.

Now, a few months later, my tea stash puts hers to shame and I can’t seem to stop buying the stuff. I’m still in the “exploring” stage and just want to try any and every tea on the market. So all that leads me here to all you other tea addicts…I don’t feel so “tea crazed” when I’m chatting here with the rest of the gang.

Claire said

Welcome to Steepster T.C.! Your addiction will fit right in here.

welcome home! :)

Emily M said

Steepster is good for that. I constantly turn to all of you for a little assurance that I’m not completely nuts!

T.C. said

Safety in numbers!

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Alysha said

I just joined Steepster after recently discovering loose leaf tea. It all started with a Christmas gift swap at work. When I unwrapped my package, it contained a set of teacups and three little tins of tea. They smelled delicious, so I immediately bought a tea ball so I could try them out. Less than two months (and many tea and accessory purchases) later and I am hooked! Sadly, my friends and family don’t understand this new hobby (obsession), so I was super excited when I discovered Steepster. There are others like me out there! I’m looking forward to learning more about tea and meeting some fellow tea addicts, er, enthusiasts ;)

Sil select said

Welcome to the jungle :)

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Artp said

Didn’t know this was a thread. Well I’m Art, senior in college (graduating in may). I started drinking Brazilian mate for studying when I was a freshman, and kinda got hooked. I got to be known around campus for “tea dates”- whenever someone’s having a bad day they end up in my room for a mug of tea and an encouraging chat.

I got really into tea because of the tea dates. Something about a hot mug of tea makes people so much more comfortable, so I had people who I had only known for a day or two tell me their entire life story because I put a mug in their hands and became a listening ear.

I tried loose leaf in August and could never go back.. Over the summer I was working at a church in New Jersey that was a block from the train station, and after work I would pay $2 to take a 30 minute train ride into Greenwhich Village to the DAVIDSTEA. Then I discovered the Harney and Sons shop in Soho which became my favorite thanks to their low prices and free samples. Sundays I’ll usually take a group from the church into soho just so we can have a group tea tasting.

Steepster has been awesome, especially because of the swaps and the fact that y’all share when there’s sales.

I love to read, CS Lewis is my favorite, and I love working with students.

I love the idea of the tea dates!! After college people will be coming to your office for calming breaks during the day too, welcome to Steepster!

Artp said

The tea dates are the best; some weeks I had 8 in one week. I kinda appreciate the excuse to down tea like it’s no one’s business

ashmanra said

You are right, tea makes people feel more comfortable! I used to never have people over, I didn’t know what to say or do. Now I say, come have tea! And they often do.
It is a huge part of my life now!

Artp said

So true! I use it to welcome new students in my department at college

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