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Our new Tea of the Week! 03.05.12 Buttered Cranberry Orange Scone Honeybush

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Tamm said

I just put in my next order because I couldn’t resist the temptation of coconut-banana! I’m so excited to have this tea wind up in my mailbox because I’m almost out of my other ones! I’ve been tea-rationing all month. :p

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I know what you mean there are about 5 on my list right now. I should have just bought them as they were available. Far more affordable in installments. Frank, is killing me.

Tamm said

I know! I saw there were some of the limited blends restocked and I came very close to spending more, but I’m pretty tight on my tea budget atm.

I finally just realized that I needed to subscribe. I order every week anyway, so why not save a little bit, plus, I won’t have to try to scramble to come up with the weekly payment this way.

I broke down and bought the last 5 he made. Totally need to sell some of my tea to pay for this lack of will power.

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Best of luck with the move! I hope it all goes smoothly.

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Hey, Frank… have you tried steel cut oats? They take a little longer to cook (and there’s a little more work involved in making them just right), but, they are SO much better than oats (a la Quaker) … I won’t eat oatmeal any other way now.

SimplyJenW said

Have you tried Oat Bran? It tastes more like Cream of Wheat. It has a higher percentage of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber….

Uniquity said

My Dad is on a steel cut oats kick, he has a crazy concoction with them, yogurt, almonds and cinnamon. Maybe honey too? I can barely stand flavoured oatmeals, I don’t yet have the stomache to go for anything without flavouring. I’m quite fond of the reduced sugar apple one, actually.

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@SimplyJenW: I haven’t tried Oat bran, I will have to look for that the next time I’m in Whole Foods or Chuck’s. I love cream of wheat, so I think I will probably love it.

@Uniquity: When I prepare my steel cut oats, I usually add a little bit of freshly ground nutmeg to it just as it’s nearly finished cooking, and then serve it with cinnamon and brown sugar. It’s quite yummy. I don’t like the flavored oatmeal at all … it’s the instant oats that I really don’t like. It’s too mushy.

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All this talk of oatmeal and cream of wheat and everything is making me hungry.

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Cream of Wheat is smooth/not gloppy like oatmeal, and you can mix practically anything into it! I actually like to make it with a flavoured tea, instead of plain water for even more flavour.

Hey Daniel… that’s MY gaiwan in your avatar photo. I have had several gaiwans in my life, but, this particular one is my favorite and I use it daily.

Cool! I’m using it with an oolong right now. :)

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Oh Frank, of course you bring out a very tempting blend one day after I place my order. :P

He did that to me so much… that I finally just had to subscribe. LOL

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teawade said

Wow. Sounds great. You guys are always coming out with interesting and bizarre (in a good way) teas. Love the creativity and innovation. Keep up the great work! I’m up for some buttered cranberry orange scone honeybush tea. Count me in!

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Snagged a pouch of this one! Plus a few more I needed to restock:)

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