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My first tea that I ever drank and also got me hooked was the Celestial Seasonings chocolate chai. Chai is definitely my favorite ever since, though really, I’ll drink any tea.

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ssajami said

A few years ago, I was told to quit with caffeine, so I bought a box of bagged orange rooibos tea which was amazing. I drank that for a while, until, sadly, it was discontinued. So I went on a search for an equally amazing orange rooibos. I ended up at Adagio, where the sheer number of varieties of teas had me trying and tasting for months. I discovered and liked a whole lot of other flavors and types (and have since gone back to being ok with caffeine so I can drinks blacks too)

and thus began the journey…

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foogirl73 said

Earl Grey

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It was gasp Lipton, but my grandma made it for me and served it with pb and j on toast. I was 6 and it was the best. I felt like I was much older because I was drinking what I thought of as an older persons drink. After that I moved on to Twinnings and Celestial Seasonings teas. Eventually graduated to loose leaf thanks to a college buddy.

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DaisyChubb said

Early grey. hands down. For bagged tea anyways!

DavidsTea’s Buttered Rum converted me into a loose leafer for life ^^

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I started drinking tea when I was 3 years old thanks to my Grandmother. It was a strong yet plain black tea in a tea bag. I am not completely sure which brand but there weren’t that many available on the shelf back in the late 70s/early 80s…so I am thinking Lipton or a like-brand. It was a tradition! Every during during lunch we would sit down and have vegetable soup, crackers, and black tea – plain. It’s the same way I drink it today – plain – no additives. (Except for now I am more into loose leaf!) I thank my Grandmother EVERYDAY (RIP…Grandma T) that she introduced me to TEA.

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Pam Ellars said

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cinnamon Black tea. When they quit carrying it after the holidays I went on a search of loose leaf teas to blend and make a similar flavor. Now, with the exception of this one tea, I only drink loose leaf. I still buy the Trader Joe’s tea every holiday season.

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smroczka said

Rose black tea from Takashimaya in New York. They had an amazing tea shop in the basement with the friendliest staff. It closed last year and was replaced by a Forever 21.

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Genmaicha, my mother brought it back with her from Okinawa whenever she went to visit her family and I got hooked.

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Mélissa said

Fleur de jasmin de chine green by Mystique. Never looked back.

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