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Who takes milk in their tea?

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Uniquity said

I really don’t like milk, so I rarely add it. Accordingly, I rarely have tea lattes or stovetop chai, though I do enjoy all three options on occasion.

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sarai said

I’m in Canada, and I definitely take milk with chai and generally any other black tea. Greens, Whites, mates, and herbals I take clear and with sweetner like agave. I will occasionally make a lette out of a flavoured rooibos, but generally I drink them clear as well.

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Camiah said

Chai is about the only thing I would add milk to. I just don’t like it very much, and to me, it detracts from the tea. To each their own!

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For sure when we are in the UK, with tea bag tea like PG Tips, Tetleys, Yorkshire etc. that is the only way to appreciate these carefully crafted teas. The blenders at these companies are true professionals, to produce 1000’s of tons of tea within such tight taste profile is an art. Producing an excellent product for a specific market, at a price below market value – some ethical issues there for all their rain forest this and ethical trading that.

Loose CTC is ok with milk. The other tea is ‘stove top’ chai. Thick and creamy. Yum.

Don’t drink any loose leaf tea with milk. Doesn’t work in our humble opinion. The milk dominates and flattens the flavour, reduces the aroma and leaves a slightly oily finish.

Probably work well with low grade PuErh. In fact a number of our UK customers love milk with Shu PuErh.

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DaisyChubb said

Only black and chai teas, or flavoured teas that I feel would bring out the intended flavour (for example: 52Teas Hot Buttered Banana Bread)

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Depends on the tea. Usually in chai and not regular milk. I like silk milk. :)

Maisonlula said

ohh what’s silk milk?

Amariel said

Silk Milk is a brand of soy milk, though they have a Silk creamer, which is a richer version of the regular Silk, and I prefer that over the regular since it is creamier.

Maisonlula said

ohh ok.. I’ll check it out!

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Never! Of course I’m allergic to a dairy enzyme so that would explain it for me… ;)

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LefTea said

I add milk sometimes, sometimes almond milk or soy milk. I’ve even been known to add a little creamer to tea. It really depends on the tea, my mood, and if we have any milk in the house. Sometimes it enhances the flavor, sometimes it detracts from it.

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Name a tea type or flavor and I’ve probably tried it with milk. I like to live dangerously :P

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teataku said

I’ll at least try milk with any black tea (although I prefer half-and-half). I never drink Chai without milk—it seems wrong, somehow. xD

I’ve also had milk in 52 Teas’ Cinnamon Roll Honeybush. It adds an awesome boost to the “icing” flavor in the tea. :) I would never dream of putting milk in green, white, or oolong tea. It would ruin the flavor, in my humble opinion. I might try it in mate, if I found the right one.

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