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So last night I broke the lid to my gaiwan that I bought from Samovar. They don’t sell it anymore and I need a good replacement. What is a good place to get another one? my price range is less then $18.00 for one.

Any good stores?


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My recommendation for an inexpensive gaiwan is to visit a local Asian mall or market and see what they have available. In Portland, there is a wonderful Asian Mall that I visit and there is a cute little tea shop in there … I never buy tea because I don’t like the way they store it, but the teaware there is at seriously low prices.

hello, we have 7 different gaiwans that range in price from $11.35 to $14.77.

teawing said

I am the proud owner/user of a Butiki gaiwan, I use it every day.
Great price and service.

Just sayin.

Teawing-Glad you are enjoying the gaiwan!

Thanks I will check it out.

We have a number of gaiwan’s as well. Watch for the sale coming up during the month of December for Christmas.

Sadly I need it asap. It is my preferred way of drinking oolong and white tea. I looked at the prices and it is a little out of my range for now.

And the sale I was referring to is now on. Nearly everything in store is now on sale!

Dorothy said

Just noticed Yunnan Sourcing launched their US store. They have a nice selection of cheap gaiwans with a more reasonable shipping price than their usual rate from China.

Thanks for that. I get paid tomorrow so I will be making an order.

Jessie said

Oh, this is exciting!

ashmanra said

Beautiful ones at!

Will said

If you’re in the Bay Area, check out Red Blossom. Their new models, while a bit on the large size, are pretty decent.

I looked at the one at Red Blossom. I liked it but with shipping and time it would get to Dallas I decided to go with Norbu tea in Dallas. It was a little big but I have grown to like it.

Nerys said

Any update on where to buy a gaiwan? I have to shop online. So question is will it survive shipping ? Anyone order teaware from Taiwan ?

boychik said
This is what I have . Easy gaiwan, traditional will burn your fingers. They pack really well. Got it in 16 days to US. I also recommend gongfu cha glass teapot. You will have a better control
I have several of those and use them everyday. I prefer when they have spring metal filter
They pack everything soo good it’s hard to unwrap;)
I have traditional ones as well but rarely use them. I tend to burn my fingers

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