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Place to buy a Gaiwan

So last night I broke the lid to my gaiwan that I bought from Samovar. They don’t sell it anymore and I need a good replacement. What is a good place to get another one? my price range is less then $18.00 for one.

Any good stores?


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My recommendation for an inexpensive gaiwan is to visit a local Asian mall or market and see what they have available. In Portland, there is a wonderful Asian Mall that I visit and there is a cute little tea shop in there … I never buy tea because I don’t like the way they store it, but the teaware there is at seriously low prices.

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hello, we have 7 different gaiwans that range in price from $11.35 to $14.77. http://www.butikiteas.com/Teawares.html

teawing said

I am the proud owner/user of a Butiki gaiwan, I use it every day.
Great price and service.

Just sayin.

Teawing-Glad you are enjoying the gaiwan!

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Thanks I will check it out.

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We have a number of gaiwan’s as well. Watch for the sale coming up during the month of December for Christmas. http://www.cloudwalkerteas.com

Sadly I need it asap. It is my preferred way of drinking oolong and white tea. I looked at the prices and it is a little out of my range for now.

And the sale I was referring to is now on. Nearly everything in store is now on sale!

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Dorothy said

Just noticed Yunnan Sourcing launched their US store. They have a nice selection of cheap gaiwans with a more reasonable shipping price than their usual rate from China.


Thanks for that. I get paid tomorrow so I will be making an order.

Jessie said

Oh, this is exciting!

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ashmanra said

Beautiful ones at purepuer.com!

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Will said

If you’re in the Bay Area, check out Red Blossom. Their new models, while a bit on the large size, are pretty decent.

I looked at the one at Red Blossom. I liked it but with shipping and time it would get to Dallas I decided to go with Norbu tea in Dallas. It was a little big but I have grown to like it.

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Nerys said

Any update on where to buy a gaiwan? I have to shop online. So question is will it survive shipping ? Anyone order teaware from Taiwan ?

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boychik said

This is what I have . Easy gaiwan, traditional will burn your fingers. They pack really well. Got it in 16 days to US. I also recommend gongfu cha glass teapot. You will have a better control
I have several of those and use them everyday. I prefer when they have spring metal filter
They pack everything soo good it’s hard to unwrap;)
I have traditional ones as well but rarely use them. I tend to burn my fingers

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