Javan said

New Yunnan Sourcing US website

While browsing yunnan sourcing’s website last night I was taken by a banner that announced a new US website for the company. It is located at I just ordered some pu-erh through the new site (order # 6 it said). I don’t have any affiliation with the site other than as a satisfied yunnan sourcing customer. Shipping is far less than from China, and I think I read that the warehouse for the teas is in Portland, Or.

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Thanks for the heads up on their new website. The shipping cost and time was a big hindrance in ordering from China. Although they have a more limited selection right now, They have everything I had on my wish list from their main site!

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Spot52 select said

I was excited when I saw their original shipping rate, but they changed it. It went from being a good deal to being a rip off. I am not pleased with them right now.

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Vito said

The U.S. site has a much better selection of pu-erh teas than any of the other teas. Only four blacks…aaarrggghhh! I guess they have to custom-tailor their Portland, OR inventory to suit their U.S. customers.

You have to set up a new account; the U.S. site doesn’t recognize your login info from the main site.

I haven’t ordered anything from the U.S. site yet, but their shipping options look OK. Parcel post is a loser (for me); it takes forever, and the post office usually damages (and sometimes loses) the package. Express mail is too expensive. Priority mail is probably the best deal. It’s usually the optimum combination of best price, fast delivery, and reliability.

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if you order from and pay for priority shipping thats 2-5 days you get screwed because they will sit on it all that time and your order will say “being Processed” for 5 days before they even send it off, so YOU WILL NOT GET IT IN PRIORITY TIME. I order from them and this what i’m going through, priority time has run out and they still haven’t even shipped, but charged me greatly for fast shipping. i email [email protected] to try and find status of my order and maybe get a tracking number and he wont reply back at this point i feel he is ignoring me, i’m not sure when ill ever get this package but it wont be in the time frame I paid for I know that much(i hate it when a company does that), this happens alot with shotty companies but I thought yunnansourcing was a good company. Maybe this Scott guy is on steepster and he will see this a give my tracking number.

You know, I have exchanged a few e-mails with Scott, and he was not—I judge—very professional in how he handed some questions I had (regarding shipping). There may be a pattern here. That’s where reviews can help. I have been waiting for the right time to create a new online ‘Place’ for his company, so I think this is the time (I am off to do it now). When I finish creating it, I will APPEND the link to it to this post, and I invite you to write a review for them (once you get things resolved), as I plan to sometime after I create the new ‘Place’.

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Great idea!!!!!!

I just added my review. : )

omg, i just now got an email(from not Scott) telling me that they overlooked my order and it will be shipped tomorrow, thats why Scott ignored me and would not give me a track number they are totally unprofessional. before i make my review there i’m going to have my tea in hand lol. I asked if they was going to overnight it since they have done sit on all the shipping time that I paid good money for.

Wow. That’s a bummer.

If you are open to a suggestion:

If they won’t overnight it, you could ask for a refund on the shipping.

Yep, that what they ended up doing :)
So they did take care of it i just still have to wait.

I just read your review of Yunnan Sourcing. So what ended up happening with your order?

My package got here pretty quick after they contacted me, they said happened was that they “overlooked” my package and didnt send it till after I had contacted them but they refunded my shipping cost and they were here 3 days later, Scott was out of town (I guess he runs yunnansourcing)
and said he had no idea what was going on but he made it right and said next time there wont be any problems :) So it’s all good and I’m glad to have my teas and my new gaiwan which I love, I’ll probably order from him again and hope that this “overlook” was just a one time thing.

Glad to hear that it sounds like it all worked out. Hearing this makes me feel a teeny bit more comfortable with considering placing an order with him from his US site sometime in the near future. Thank you for updating us!

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Vito said

For what it’s worth, I have had reason to correspond with Yunnan Sourcing on a couple of occasions in the past. In each case, Scott was the person who answered my inquiries. He has always been courteous and very responsive—characteristics that are usually reliable indicators of a vendor’s quality. I know other folks who have ordered from Yunnan Sourcing who have not had any problems. Hopefully, this mix-up is an anomaly.

I’m glad to hear you had positive experiences in communicating with Scott. You are welcome to put that in a review of them, here, if you’d like

Vito said

Thanks for that. Everything I wrote in my comment above is true, but I don’t believe I’ve yet had enough experience with Yunnan Sourcing to write more than a superficial review. In order for my review to be useful to others, I’d prefer to base it on a more extensive history of interaction with the vendor.

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