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Best chocolate flavored tea?

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Cofftea said

Oh I also forgot Dr. Tea’s Berry Sinful. It tastes just like chocolate covered berries.

montkath said

In your previous post you were talking about chai spice mix to add to your favorite tea. Enjoyingtea.com has one. While I haven’t tried it, I have tried their Lemongrass Chai tea and found it to be spectacular. I will post on it next week when i get a new supply.

Cofftea said

While the only chocolate tea I’ve tried from the Tea Garden is Berry Sinful, if their other chocolate teas are anything like it their Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cream Pie, Candy Bar, Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Peppermint Patty Green, Chocolate and Roses Herbal, Chocolate Bliss Cake Herbal, Chocolate Hazelnut Herbal, Herbal Chocolate Mint, Herbal Tiramisu, Peppermint Hot Chocolate Tea, and SanTEA Claus should also be very good!

Cofftea said

DTTG just came out w/ a new chocolate tea. http://www.teagarden.com/chocolate-lovers-delight-pr-637.html I have not tried it, but it sure looks yummy!

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Cofftea said

If you’re a coffee drinker, Numi’s Chocolate Pu Erh is the clear winner in my book!!!:)… I mean come on, a chocolate tea that helps you metabolize fat? Can it get any better? It definitely is more coffeeish than chocolate candy bar, but if you like adding milk to your tea, I’m thinking adding chocolate milk would be absolutely wonderful.

teaplz said

Golden Moon’s Pu-erh has no chocolate in it… it’s straight pu-erh.

Cofftea said

You’re right teaplz, I could have sworn that GM had a chocolate pu erh… Idk how I could have gotten it thru my head. Numi must have been the company I was thinking of because I can’t find another one that carries it. Maybe it’s because I want to try their Pu Erh Chai so I put the 2 together. Oh well. Numi’s is sooo amazing…

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cuppa_fox said

I’ve never been too impressed with the various chocolate teas I’ve tried, but Camellia World in London’s smelt sooo good I thought I’d try some. It tastes very nearly as good as it smells – much more like chocolate than hot chocolate does. It is a black tea with a mix of different chocolate crumbs in it.

And no spices at all. I quite like chai – but the wittard’s choclate chai is horrible.

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I have not tried it but I hear that Teafrog’s chocolate cream is good.

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Jillian said

Granville Island Tea Company makes a surprisingly good (surprisingly, because I don’t normally like rooibos teas) Chocolate Mint Rooibos. Tons of mint leaves and cocoa nibs give it a wonderfully rich, chocolately flavour.

Here’s the Steepster Listing: http://steepster.com/teas/granville-island-tea-co/4578-chocolate-mint-rooibos

And here’s the company’s website: http://www.granvilletea.com/

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This is such an interesting topic. I’d love to try so many of these teas!

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Bethany said

Adagio’s Valentines is my favorite.

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TeaParT said

My favorite chocolate tea is Chocolate Mint from Anna Marie’s Tea Shop. It tastes like Andes Creme de Menthe Thins in a refreshing liquid form! My husband still says that he prefers Hot Cocoa but with this tea he doesn’t have to limit himself to one cup.


I’ve tried dozens of chocolate teas. Some taste like they’ve got Chocolate Extract included resulting in a flat chemical taste or they try to mask the imitation flavor with hazelnut.

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So Jason, have you tried any chocolate teas yet? Or decided which one(s) you’re going to order?

Jason admin said

I’m still weighing my options and hoping to get more suggestions. But I guess I’ll have to take the plunge soon :)

Cofftea said

You should try all the suggestions so get started and you can always keep trying as more come in:)

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S said

I will second the recommendation for Dawn by The Simple Leaf. It’s not actually a flavored tea at all, but it is quite chocolatey tasting.

Erin said

I’ll third this! It is SO GOOD.

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