Best chocolate flavored tea?

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LefTea said

Joy’s Teaspoon Chocolate Pot Du Tea is really good. I’m out of my sample and waiting to order more until I clear out some room in the tea cabinet so right now I’m drinking a Chocolate creme from a local place (beans and leaves in Long Grove, IL) that’s pretty good (more of a dark chocolate taste than the one from Joy’s Teaspoon).

I also enjoy Teavana’s Matevana as it has a nice chocolate undertone to it.

And I have a chocolate one from Dark Moon Tea (now closed) waiting in the wings.

I really need to have more tea discipline…or get an iced tea infuser so I can drink more tea during the summer.

I just received a sample of Joy’s Chocolate Pot Du Tea but have yet to try it. It smells fairly promising.
Matevana to me tasted of bran flakes. Not a bad thing, it was pretty good. Not the best mate I’ve had but not bad.

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Thanks LefTea! Two of my favorites…tea and chocolate. This was a great post! I am determined to try as many of these as possible!

LefTea said

Welcome :) I still love that tea and am so tempted whenever I see you’re running a sale. Could we coordinate that with when I’m running low on chocolate tea so I can justify the purchase?

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brandy3392 said

Chocolate Caramel Turtle from Culinary Teas is my favorite.

That sounds delicious

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Cofftea said

If you like smokey teas, Manteas’ Chocolate Bacon! I can’t STAND bacon, but this stuff is oh so good!

LefTea said

Chocolate bacon tea? There isn’t a word there that I don’t like!

I’m curious about the Chocolate Bacon after I tried my sample of Maple BACON. whoops caps lock. I get excited about bacon.

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Mint Chocolate Rooibos and Read my Lips from DAVIDsTEA!

I just tried Read my Lips and thought it was just an artifically scented chocolate, lacking in flavor. It was just strange to me. This is my review –
I’d love to find a good chocolate tea, but maybe only the taste of real chocolate will satisfy me.

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Excelsior said

Cha Thai. BOPF from Mariage

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