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Miha Rekar said

A must drink teas?

I’m interesting in trying some new teas so I’m asking you guys, what do YOU think is a must have tea?

The only condition is that it is available in an online shop that ships internationally (EU).

Thanks :)

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seule771 said

Some must drink teas on my wish list includes:
Green Jade Formosa
Ti Kwan Yin
Phoenix Mountain Oolong
Long Jing Dragonwell
Gunpowder (any and all type)
pearl Jasmine
Sencha (any and all type)

So where are the black teas you asked, good for digestive aids or so? Earl Grey w/Bergamot,
Ceylon Silver Striped Black tea
Darjeeling Black Tea
Pine Smoked Organic Black Tea might be nice this time of year; envisioning scent of pine cones.

List can change, but for now these are it.

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We have found some very flavorful teas in Nepal this year. The plants there are 30-50 years old, so in their prime. Also, the soils are untouched, vibrant and full of nutrients and organic matter, being so close to the Himalayan Mountains. Across the board, Nepal is making delicious teas. Favorites? Sandakphu Silver Tips, Himalayan Evergreen and Himalayan Shangri La White.

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Angrboda said

Tan Yang. Hands down. TeaSpring has a wonderful one.
A recent addition, the Laoshan Northern Black from Verdant tea. It knocked my socks off yesterday.
Keemun, this is available anywhere.
Lapsang Souchong, if you’re feeling brave and not put off by smoky notes.

Nothing But Tea has a marvellous orange flavoured puerh and Shui Tea has a lovely kiwi and pear flavoured white.

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Milky Oolong is a most definite must try!!
Also Bai Mu Dan (also known as White Peony)
-it’s very delicate and crisp
All my other must haves are mentioned here already. Enjoy!!

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Yunnan Golden Buds! (from Verdant Tea)

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Excelsior said

If price is not a concern, the the top tier Darjeelings from Mariage Freres. 2011 First Flush Margaret’s Hope, 2011 First Flush Namring Upper, 2011 First Flush Castleton, just to name a few. You may find other retailers offering the teas above, but IMHO, the Darjeelings from Mariage are superior. Since you are in the EU, delivery should not be a problem. Here in the US, tea deliveries from France incur handling fees and additional taxes.

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gyokuro – japanese green tea

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I’m becoming a big fan of the teas from Teavivre. They have a nice selection, great packaging, and they do ship internationally. My favorite is their Yun Nan Dian Hong.

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Annie said

Gyokuro (Japanese green – brew at 140, its AMAZING)
Sencha (Japanese green – I brew this at a lower temp than suggested to keep from being bitter)
Ti Kuan Yin (oolong)
Silver Needle (white)

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Imperial Pu-Erh my favorite is from Dr.Tea but I’ve seen it on some other websites. Pu-Erh Tuocha you can find them a lot of places last one I had was Teavivre. The roasted Mates from Teavana are fabulous as well. Also a good Ti Kuan Yin is must have for me as well.

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