fcmonroe said

Jason told me to talk about some of the tea I've bought since I joined up........

I’ll tell you about one of the boxes that arrived today. This one came from Cha Cha Tea. I was inspired to order from them after reading a review here by Lainie. She was describing the Yuzu Oolong. I went to price it, and found that they were selling surprise bags for the New Year. I love surprises, so I ordered a $30 Lucky Bag. (I also ordered some of the strawberry oolong, and of course, the yuzu oolong.)

My surprise bag had the following:
tea mints
a blooming tea
a tea lip balm (These three were in a pretty purple organza bag.)
1 oz bags of:
—Caramel Rooibos
—Organic Cha Cha’s Breakfast Black
—Organic Wild Rose White
—Organic Chamomile Medley
a 3-pack of Black Current Iced Tea (bag says each pack will make a gallon of tea)
And finally, a very nice tea cup, made in Japan, with “Ten Ways To Good Health”.

All in all, I felt like I got a great surprise bag!

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Ricky admin said

Seems like you received a nice selection of tea =D

Cofftea said

Definitely going to budget for happy/lucky bags next year!

Ricky admin said

I don’t know why I decided to check the Holiday / New Year’s Sales thread the day I did. I check that thread every once in a blue moon, but on the day I did decide to check on it, I saw your post on Lupicia’s Happy Bags. I love surprises… so I splurged. I’m glad I don’t live in Japan… my wallet would be empty if I did. I’d have to probably lock myself at home. I don’t care for sales, but when it’s sales + surprises, I’m in!

Cofftea said

I was so ticked that I didn’t have the storage or the money for them this year. I’d never heard of them before. And even this year Lupicia’s were the only ones I knew of. Next year I will budget both $ and space for them and I will track down every one I can get my hands on. 52teas should do a mystery blend available New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day only next year. You must let us know what was in yours and rub it in:)

fcmonroe said

I have one of those on the way as well. I probably won’t need to buy any tea until next Christmas!!

Ricky admin said

@Cofftea, No 52teas should not because that would make me spend more money. I wasn’t even planning on ordering from Lupicia (well at the moment).

@fcmonroe, You know you’ll purchase more =D. Some amazing Steepster Select too good to pass along will come by and you’ll pull out your credit card and regret it afterward.

Score!!!! Nice selection!

Ricky admin said

Well my Lupicia order finally came in and I’m quite happy with the selection (well most of it anyway). I was actually hoping for more flavored tea, but I’m still happy =D. They sent a bunch of teabags which will be great for work and they sent a bunch of 2oz tins. I was hoping to get a teapot, but they sent me a tea infusing basket. I have enough of those already =(.

They sent me a lot of darjeeling and earl grey =/. Lupicia must love those. I count about six darjeelings and two earl greys.

I’m glad I purchased from them. Their presentation is actually fairly nice and I will probably purchase from them again (as a gift for someone).

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