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What are your TOP 5 DavidsTea ?

Share your top 5 favorites tea from this brand!

Mine all time favorite is :

1- Buttered Rum
2- White Tiger
3- Coco Chai Rooibos
4- Long Life Oolong
5- Fantasy Island

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Erin said

Gaahh, so hard to pick! This will definitely change, but right now I’d say:

1- Pumpkin Chai
2- Carrot Cake
3- Pom Power
4- Cream of Earl Grey
5- Love Tea #7

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Camiah said

1. Buttered Rum
2. Read My Lips
3. Earl Grey Creme
4. Toasted Walnut
5. Assam Banaspaty

I only recented discovered David’s Tea. I got the DT 24 Days of Christmas, so I’m still working my way through that. My top five list is likely to change between now and Christmas!

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Wow, top five… how do I choose!
1. Strawberry white
2. Whisky white
3. Assam Banaspaty
4. Cloud nine (discontinued! sad face :(
5. Chocolate Chili Chai

For the cloud nine i’m also sad! hahaha, i’ve just tried a sampler and it was almost heaven!

I know right?!? I bought it online after they’d taken it out of the store… now I wish I’d bought more to last me!

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Dorothy said

1. Pumpkin Chai (seasonal)
2. Fantasy Island
3. Champagne (discontinued)
4. Black Needles (discontinued)
5. Milk Oolong

Erin said

I’m so glad they made Fantasy Island permanent!

Pumpkin Chai was also in my top 10! Along with Mom’s Apple Pie!

Dorothy said

I am a big sucker for Pumpkin Chai, but I know there are those out there with an even bigger obsession. When I bought 2 tins of it, the tea lady waiting on me showed the 1kg bag she filled just a few days ago with Pumpkin Chai for someone else!

Yep, of course it doesn’t have the spicy punch as a Chai could do, but it is a unique chai blend!

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Thanks everyone for the reply! We will make a Steepster TOP 5 and sell it hahaha. :P

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1. Santa’s Secret
2. Honeybee
3. Mom’s Apple Pie
4. Bravissimo
5. Whisky White

That was harder than I thought it would be!

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DaisyChubb said

This is hard, eep!
And will probably change – BUT

1. Pumpkin Chai
2. Milk Oolong
3. Read my Lips
4. Earl Grey Creme
5. Love Tea #7

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Amariel said

I love DAVIDs…this could change, but so far…

1. Buttercream
2. Alpine Punch
3. Oh Christmas Treat
4. Toasted Walnut
5. Happy Kombucha tied with Carrot Cake

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Dazaii said

My tastes and cravings are forever changing…..but these are the ones I’m into currently:

1. Milk Oolong
2. Long Life Oolong
3. Yellow Dragon
4. HoneyBee
5. Forever Nuts

lol, the only three that are actually from the tea plant are all oolongs ;P
Yeah, I think I like them best.

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revlisx said

1. Dragon Pearls
2. Three Wishes
3. Milk Oolong
4. Toasted Walnut
5. Midsummer’s Night Dream

I agree with Three Wishes, that’s an awesome floral tea!

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