Tea and common (or un-common) Allergins

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M Mack said

I hope you figure out what it is you are allergic to.
I had the same reaction, throat swelling, and discovered I was allergic to juniper berries. Luckily they aren’t common in tea. so other than David’s tea’s Northern light’s I don’t have a problem.
hopefully it’s something specific and easily identifiable!

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I’m not allergic to anything that comes in tea but rather something that you can serve with it..milk.

I have been allergic to milk since I was a child, we used to get milk in school and I always refused mine because it gave me bad stomach cramps, the school forced me to drink it and I became ill over time. So I was taken to the doctors and had all the tests and they confirmed that I’m allergic to it. So ever since I have stayed away from milk, though I eat dairy and things that contain milk. But I can only have a small amount of it, otherwise I get the stomach cramps. They are bad enough to cripple me in pain for a day or two. I thought I was lactose intolerant but the tests disagreed.

I used to have soy milk especially for my tea while my husband had standard cows milk (as he didn’t like the taste of soy) but I found myself throwing a lot of it away. So now I just drink it plain, if anything a sprinkle of calorie free sweetener. In my case my allergy is not severe and doesn’t stop my tea drinking. I really do feel for those that are highly effected by it.

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