Yes I AM reporting you to Steepster for Removal!

Spammers will be reported to Steepster!
Ricky has been taking action on the ones I have seen and sent!
If anyone else happens to see ’em let him know

ricky @ steepster . com (remove spaces)

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Ricky admin said

You can also email jason at steepster dot com.

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Good! I’m getting really tired of spammers! (Especially if they accuse me of being one, i.e., “bryghtbeverages”)

accuse YOU of being one? WTF?

I know! Crazy! I’m still convinced “bryghtbeverages” is a spammer, but s/he hasn’t posted anything lately that I could point to. Anyhoo, I’m glad to know there are options for the future! Thanks for letting us know, TeaEqualsBliss!

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TeaEqualsBliss: Thank you for doing this! I noticed a few spammers, and I clicked on the report anything inappropriate. link, but I was not clear what exactly to say. Sending an e-mail to Ricky or Jason is more clear for me. I will keep that in mind. Thanks!

Ditto! Why do they think tea drinkers are poker fans, anyway!? ;)

Angrboda said

I do that everytime I see it. Sometimes I just write spam everywhere. Sometimes I only write spam in the headline and comment on the quality of the spammer in the body. (I had a really hapless one once, who was so busy spamming that they forgot to say what the product they were trying to tempt me with once. I had a laugh. :p ) This morning I thought, why not a little entertainment and wrote a joke. :p

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I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything.

LOL :-)

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DaisyChubb said

Yes! Keep reporting people, they can’t take us over :D

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