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Eating Tea Leaves!

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Kiaharii said

I may have picked chocolate chips out of some of my teas… I did try to eat a piece of steeped dried fruit once and it did not taste good.

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Eating tea leaves, especially green ones can be really good for you! I recently blogged about this for our blog here: http://blog.innteas.com/?p=43

You can either save the steeped leaves, or sprinkling the dried green tea leaves on ice-cream is a delicious and unique way of getting the health benefits.

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Sare said

i find this amusing everyone trying to eat the tea leaves has anyone researched what kind of tea they were eating and remembering it said they ate it with Sugar and butter! lol probably smeared on a scone lol

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Matcha is made of ground leaves, so if you ever drank matcha you’ve already consumed whole leaves.

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Chiyo select said

I’ll eat a steeped leaf or two after I think they’ve been fully steeped to check if there’s any potential left in them. I think that this is the most sure-fire way to tell if your tea leaves are ‘spent’ or not. If I taste nothing then I know that there are no more infusions left.

I came across this idea when I had mint and parsley tea in a Turkish restaurant located near me. It was the best mint tea I’ve had to date and the leaves had absolutely no taste in the end. Beautiful!

Kaylee said

Tell us more about this mint and parsley tea, please. I am surprised and fascinated by the idea of combining those flavors.

Chiyo select said

Oh, Um the mint surprisingly carries on with a very sweet and bold finish while the parsley, (I’m 95% sure it was parsley) gives it a slightly spicy aftertaste. They work so well together, they tie in to finish each other into a round and satisfying minty-sweetness.

It’s tough to explain it and do it justice on here. You really should try it. Go to a Turkish place and ask for “Turkish Tea” (make sure it’s minty!) You’ll love it.

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RiverTea said

Eating tea leaves is actually very common in Asia where they tend to eat leaves for freshening the breath and cleansing the palate. Tea leaves are also used for different recipes.

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nobody said

Hello, for two months everyday I’m eating tea leaves. First I steep a soup spoon of black tea and a soup spoon of green tea. For 4-5 hours I drink as a normal tea, many times I add boiling water, at the end I take the all leaves into a cup. Next day, I make all againg for drinking. But I eat the leaves of yesterday. They’re not dried. I add one soup spoon of hot chili pepper flakes, brend with my hand. And I eat them with a tea spoon. Most of time, at the same time I drink hot tea. Hot chili with hot tea burns my mouth. Why do I do it? I like to eat interesting foods or nonfoods. All of the day I eat melon seeds (not water melon) with their shells, so I keep my mouth and hands busy, they have no calories; otherwise I need to eat something with full of calories. I also eat orange shells. First peel the yellow outer shell very thin thenpeel and eat all inner white shell. I keep the main orange in refrigerator or give my fiends. I have many other weird foods. My heigth is 180 cm, and weight is 70 kg. To be so slim is maybe not necessery for a man, but I like it!

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