Don't like honey in tea

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It totally overwhelms. An herbal like Ninavampi said is acceptable.

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Wonks said

No. Pollen coated bug spit isn’t my idea of a “good thing” within the world of sweeteners. If I MUST use a sweetener I generally stick to sugar cubes or agave nectar.

SunnyinNY said

Wonks, that made me laugh…coated bug spit! haha!
But I still like a little honey from time to time.

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I only add a good quality local honey to a breakfast cup of tea when I am feeling unwell :)

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Miss Alex said

I usually only add honey, as krystal_bright said, when I’m feeling ill. It’s important to remember that sugar and agave don’t really have a taste, but honey does.

Honey’s a good addition to heavily lemon-flavoured teas.

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seule771 said

No honey; only pure granulated sugar. Would you put honey in chocolate milk?

I could see folks who likes syrup; those chocolate syrup saying yeah. If you must put honey then add a couple squeeze of lemon as well. now say Eeekkkkkk!

I do not add anything usually.

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It sounds like the real problem you encountered was using crappy honey. First off, any “name brand” honey is just generally not going to be a very good quality one. A lot of times, it’s only partially legit honey.

Next, it is generally going to be clover honey which, in my opinion, is just not very tasty. I am biased because most “name brand” honeys will be clover and I developed a taste against it as a result.

My suggestion would be to try out some natural honey options, preferably local. I suggest orange blossom honey for a milder flavor (it’s a lighter honey overall). For general great flavor in honey, I would recommend a Star Thistle honey, if you can find it. It’s a seasonal one more than others (summer time), but if you can find it, I highly recommend.

To all those saying the honey overpowers the tea, my guess is you’re either using honeys that are already too strongly flavored, are low quality, or you’re just using too much. It certainly doesn’t do the trick in all teas, but when using the right honey in the right quantity, can help bring out some of the natural flavors of the tea while lending it a mild sweetness.

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I dont care for honey in my teas at all, if i need it sweet at all i use little sugar and thats about all, I agree that honey changes the whole flavor it makes it honey flavored tea thats different than just making it sweet :)

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timmya9433 said

I used to put honey in my hot black teas all the time, until one day I found out store bought honey isn’t really true honey…it’s corn syrup with some honey cut in. I then tried regular table sugar and wow! I could taste the tea. lol
Now I use sugar in the raw and love every sip. :)

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That’s why you don’t get or use store bought honey. Go to your local farmer’s market or a natural foods store.

timmya9433 said

A lady I work with gave me a large mason jar of honey her neighbor harvested from his own hives. I still don’t use it in my tea…but it’s good on english muffins. :)

That sounds amazing, timmya. My step dad raises bees and I use their honey frequently. I suggest trying that honey you just described in a cuppa once or twice. See how it goes!

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DukeGus said

Well, I understand that some herbal teas really get better with honey,
but I don’t have a sweet tooth and I do it like…..never :)

*Though Greek honey is amazing…a friend of mine is a Beekeeper so I get amazing honey, but I prefer it on my bread with some tahini(sesame paste) and maybe chopped hazelnuts for breakfast :)

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