Health Research on Mate Tea

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Really? Those videos are painful to watch. They sound whoever is doing them sounds more like they are trying to get off the toilet rather than trying to make an informative video.

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SimplyJenW said

I agree that moderation is the key. From what I read in the studies, probably one steep is not nearly as bad as multiple, and places like David’s Tea and Teavana sell it in a blend, thus reducing the concentration even further. I usually drink it in a 1:3 ratio with some sort of black tea when I do.

Will it affect my purchase of mate in the future? Probably. I had stopped drinking it daily (in a blend) quite a while ago on my own, but this just gives another reason not to be as eager to restock.

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Geoffrey said

I’m not convinced on the basis of these very uninformative

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I don’t care about maté one way or the other, but the guy in the video has credentials. His sources are nutritional and medical journals, and they should be linked to the video. If not, e-mail him and he’ll send you links to the sources.

Here’s his bio:

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