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Mike said

Help with Swaps/Trades

What is the best way to swap/trade tea?

I have never done this before and could use some feedback as the best method as I would like to trade with another tea fanatic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What I do is if I see someone post a tea that intrigues me, I contact them via PM and ask if they might be interested in a swap.

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I havent figured out how to make a trade with anyone yet either, im guessing contact through PM is prolly the best wat to go.

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Mike said

I think I should asked what is the best way to send your tea? All I have is loose tea so I guess I would just put some in a tea bag and mail it off? Common sense I guess.

I sell these on Tea Trade for tea samples, they are food safe and biodegradable: http://liberteas.teatra.de/store/products/food-safe-biodegradable-biozip-clear-zipper-pouches-for-tea-samples/

I use these for swapping. I also purchase Mylar pouches for larger samples, I bought my last batch on ebay.

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I usually scour the blogs to see if anyone has decided they don’t like the tea I am looking for. That way, if I PM them for a swap they are more likely to agree. Also, if I just want any old tea for a swap, I mention those I don’t like as available to be given away in my review. That way anyone who wants it will contact me…
Otherwise, I’ve seen people make a forum post stating what they want/what they have etc.
I’ve swapped a bunch of times now and it’s always been fun! :)

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thats what I do is put it in ziplocks,I also save the zipper pouches that other teas have come in and when they are gone and use those, ive swapped a few times but i havent swapped on here yet.

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Kristin said

I double ziploc bag my teas when I send them (to hopefully keep flavored teas from blending into each other). I use a sharpie to write on the ziploc bag to label it before I add the tea to it. I usually ship it in a padded envelope. I’ve tried more sophisticated bags for packing up the teas, but I don’t think it matters too much.


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