Tina S. said

Glassware help, please!

My cat tonight broke my original Jenaglas cup that was part of my smaller tea for one set (it came with an amazing steel infuser and glass lid and fit together as a set). Does anyone know where I can replace this, or where I can find glass cups that will work with my infuser/lid? I don’t know what I’m going to do without my favourite cup!

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SunnyinNY said

Did you try looking on-line for the manufacturer? Maybe that would be a start. Or else try where you bought it. Maybe they sell replacement parts?

I’m curious to see this cup. Where did you by it?

Tina S. said

I got it at The Tea Haus (www.theteahaus.com) six or seven years ago. Sadly the company closed shortly after, and anything that is made under the name now is a different company that bought the moulds, and they don’t make the one I got! It was similar to this one with a lid and infuser: http://www.zwieselkristallglas-shop.com/shop/article/articlelist!carousel.action?brand=jena&category=000013&productline=000053&article=113527#/113527

I’ve tried online, ebay, and kijiji and thus far no luck. :(

Tina S. said

AHA! I just found the original box! It was originally called “Tulip”, held 10.1 oz and had a UPC code of 4 028515 010549.

Wonks said

There should be more to the UPC (not literally). UPCs typically have 12 numbers (not always).

Check the UPC with the UPC database (http://www.upcdatabase.com/itemform.asp) and maybe that’ll help you out a lot.

If it is a true Jenaer Glas, made in Germany—good luck-they are very hard to find. I believe the glass is still made in Germany, but TrendGlas owns the molds and they are made elsewhere…….Romania, I think.


Tina S. said

Yeah, it was true Jenaer, I still have the original packaging sitting here beside me. I know it’s totally a wish on a dream to replace it with Jenaer, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. I’m willing to even replace it with something very similar if it’s quality glass. And sadly since Trendglas took the molds I haven’t seen anything Tulip created.

noordelijk said

Thats a beautiful cup! (just googled it)

Teavana and DavidsTea have lots of glassware options. You might find a mug you fancy that can fit your basket.

On a side note, these parts probably won’t fit your needs, but davidstea sells replacement parts for their products.

It’s not the same, but Adagio has a glass mug/infuser set. Although I’m sure you’d much rather replace the cup than the whole set.

Maybe these links will help. It’s been discontinued, but if you have any German friends.
This is from Canada, but discontinued:

axbooker said

You can find Tendglas-jena replacement parts at akadwelling.com

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