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I am new to the world of tea and I am interested in learning more about quality companies. How is Mighty Leaf tea? I looked at their web site briefly but I was unable to find any info on their disclosure (perhaps from my own negligence?). Can anyone suggest some quality companies? I already have sampled things from Harney & Sons and Jing Tea. Any advice would be useful as I have only been exploring and experimenting with teas for a month or so. Thank you!

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Carolyn said


I’m not sure what you mean by “info on their disclosure” or how you are defining “quality”. Mighty Leaf makes some fairly nice teas. Mighty Leaf and Two Leaves and a Bud are the tea bags I carry in my purse just in case I find myself someplace where I’ll need decent tea but can’t do loose leaf.

If you’re talking about customer service, I’ve had very good luck with Golden Moon Tea and Den’s Tea, both of whom went out of their way to help me with problems.

If you’re talking about quality of tea, I’ve found that all tea companies seem to have teas I don’t like and teas I like. The companies that have had the most teas that please me so far are Den’s Teas (for green teas), Golden Moon and The Simple Leaf (for black teas), and Upton Tea Imports (they have a variety of good teas but I especially love their decaffeinated teas).

Others have shared teas from Rishi and Samovar with me and they were quite yummy. I don’t have enough experience with the companies to recommend them. (But I suspect that takgoti will be along soon to recommend Samovar.)

What kinds of teas do you prefer? Blacks? Herbals? Whites? Greens? Yellows? Puerhs?

DavidT said

Some local (yet internet accessible) favorites of mine are and . Both have a really good selection and high quality products.

Cofftea said

A lot of us give our opinions of companies here

Thanks, all!

Erin said

Definitely check out
They are great for people just getting into teas because they start you out with a $5 gift certificate. They offer cheap sample sizes and they also give you a free sample with your first order. Their teas are high quality and they have excellent customer service as well. Shipping is a flat $3.75, or free on orders over $50. Good luck!

Adagio has great costumer service and a large selection and you can get samplers to try many without spending a lot of money. I have been drinking a lot from Kusmi, Teas Etc, and Compass Teas lately and have found some great teas from them. I really like Infusion Tea in Orlando FL but it isn’t as accessible. California Tea House has some creatives ones as well that I am finding too! And I really like Talbott Teas thus far! There is a lot of good stuff out there! I’m following you on steepster now and feel free to follow me! If there is anything you would like to try – let me know – if I have enough I could mail you a sample if you want!

Thanks for the tips! I appreciate the offer of the samples. That’s very nice of you, but please don’t trouble yourself. Thanks again. :)

Cofftea said

It’s no trouble for most of us, we get an endorphin rush from tea swapping:)

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