Anatta said

Ceylon Black Tea

I’m looking for recommendations on a good Sri Lankan black tea. So far I’ve tried some from Chado’s and it was amazing.

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I am very fond of Ceylon teas. Here are my top 3 picks:
Blood orange black from Drink the Leaf
Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea
French Breakfast from Golden Moon Tea

SimplyJenW said

I am partial to Ceylon#1 from thepuriTea.

I second Sinharaja from Golden Moon. It has a very good flavor.

Mel said

And I third it! Was thinking about grabbing some after I tried with the sample. Changed my mind on Ceylon, since all the Ceylons I ever had were too astringent for my taste.

Blood orange black is not astringent at all. The french breakfast is very mild also:) I really don’t like astringent teas.

Angrboda said

I’m not super into Ceylon to be honest, but I recently had a tea from Kenilworth estate, and even I found it was pretty nommy. No clue about the vendor though, I honestly can’t remember.

Once upon a time I also had an Uva Highlands which was pretty awesome at the time, but my tastes have changed since then.

Anatta said

Thank you for the replies. Three recommendations for Sinharaja…seems I will have to try that next.

joelbny said

This one is fantastic… Vithakanande estate seems to be the most popular past few years

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