Who knows sombody that cant brew Tea??

It kills me to have tea at my brothers, He just cant brew tea.
He uses way too much leaf and steeps for way too long, I turned him on to tea and I tried to teach him well but he claims that he likes his tea strong. He does all teas this way. I Feel he is missing out on the true taste of some of these teas from poor brewing. Maybe its just me?
Me=4-5grams tea= small pot
Brother= 16-19grams tea=small pot

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SunnyinNY said

Why does that bother you? So what if he likes he tea stronger? Does that really mean he can’t brew tea? Or is it maybe he that he does it different from the way you do it?

I tend to add more tea for certain teas, because I like your brother, like it stronger.

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it bothers me because like i said i feel that he misses out on the true taste of the tea, he likes dragonwell teas but how does he know what dragonwell taste like if he over steeps them? i like them strong too he can have them strong still without over steeping. i think you missed my point it is possible to ruin a tea by over steeping

It’s nice that you want him to fully enjoy the tea he’s drinking, but it’s also entirely possible that he can’t taste the nuances of flavor anyway. My husband is this way. He can detect general flavors like “fruity” or “spicy” but that’s about it. If your brother is this way, then he probably oversteeps because he wouldn’t taste it otherwise. Or he likes bitterness, like my dad. I say, if he’s had tea brewed as recommended and still prefers it his way, then let him be. :) I shake my head over my friends’ coffee addictions and they don’t get why I don’t like red wine. We’ve all got different taste buds. Just brew your own tea when your visiting!

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SunnyinNY said

Tommy, sorry….I’ve been giving some thought to my earlier statement & reading it again, I sound a little harsh. That wasn’t my intent.

I guess I feel the need to defend your brother because I have been told I oversteep or don’t ‘make tea right’. I think tea is a personal taste. It’s how you want it. There is no real wrong way to make tea. Sure you can burn leaves or oversteep, but as long as you enjoy it, who cares? What might taste great to you, might taste watered down to another.

Don’t be so harsh on your brother.
Make him the same tea he’s made you & see if he tastes the difference. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But as long as he enjoys his tea, why worry?

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SunnyinNY said

Tommy, good chat! :)
Just for the fun of it, what tea are you drinking this morning?
I just had a delightful cup of Celestial Seasonings Victorian Earl Grey. Not bad for a teabag tea.

Im drinking a ripe puerh this morning a cheap one but a good one, made pretty strong, its 2007 Banna Rongzhen Ripe Tuocha in my cupboard :)

SunnyinNY said

I’ve never tried puerh tea.
What’s the best way to make it & no, I’m not being a wisea$$ for asking. Just want to know what your way is to see if I’d make it as good…. :)

i give my puerhs a rinse for about 10 to 15seconds (sometime i rinse twice) to clean and loosen them up, let it rest for about a minute, and steep anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

SunnyinNY said

Thanks. I’m looking forward to trying Pu’er teas.

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Oh my goodness, YES!!! My friend who also likes loose tea, steeps his for ages (and I mean 20+ minutes or simply never takes the leaves out) and then waits til it gets cold before drinking.
He loves his tea bitter. I have no idea how he can tell the difference between one tea and the next when made that way. or how if he loves his teas so darn bitter, why there is anything left in the leaves for a second steeping! (which he always does)
It drives me nuts because it means that a) I cannot enjoy tea with him- esp since I don’t like Jasmine tea, his fave and b) I feel as if he is wasting precious tea/money. To each his own right? that is what I tell myself, except it frustrates me to no end anyhow…

Adeline said

I’m so baffled when people say they like to steep their tea (not tisanes) for as long as possible. I’ve encountered someone who did it for hours! To each their own indeed, but I can’t help thinking it sounds disgusting.

it really is gross, I can barely stand the smell of it when he brews, after awhile. And hours?! really, that is just so ODD!!

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Ninavampi said

My boyfriends brothers wife, loves loose tea. She always brings tons back from when she travels (she travels a lot). She has gotten a lot better at it, but initially, she would put way too much leaf in it and the complain that it was too strong or too bitter. Thankfully it only took a bit of teaching and she now makes a pot that she enjoys. It is still a bit strong for me, but what is important is that she enjoys it!

My brother loves mate, but he insists on filling the entire 6oz cup with leaves and adding hot water, sipping ti through a mate straw and adding more water. I tried it and was shocked at how incredibly bitter it tasted… But he loves it and goes through about 1lb of it a month.

I have found that no matter how you do tea, if you think it is delicious, you are doing it right! : )

Dinosara said

Well, most of the world’s maté drinkers would argue that your brother’s way is the correct way to brew maté. :) In Argentina, maté is available in tea bags that you might steep more like most of us probably steep maté, but I was told that those are for little kids! When I was there I also was instructed on a proper maté ceremony that has just as many steps and quirks as a Chinese tea ceremony.

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Uniquity said

Well, my father only likes bagged orange pekoe, but he’ll steep it 10 or 15 minutes until it is bitter, and then add a teaspoon of sugar and a bunch of milk to make it taste good again. I like to throw him for a loop occasionally by steeping the tea only a few minutes and then adding only a hint of sugar and milk – tastes much the same, but better for him. Alas, he has done it his way for 30 + years and is not inclined to change. I don’t care how he drinks his tea, but for his health I wish there was less sugar and milk in it!

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Oh I almost forgot!! Mum, she has a quirky way as well.
As a kid, she was the youngest of four children and growing up in a communist country (Poland) during the cold war, tea bags were scarce. Thus, they all shared one bag… and she was usually one of the last to steep her cup.
To this day she prefers a barely steeped red rose tea (maybe ten seconds), with a slice of lemon and a half spoon of sugar.
I make it for her all the time, and don’t mind at all because she really does love it that way!! and she occasionally indulges me in tasting one of my teas and even enjoys a few every so often :)
—the fact that she now accepts my tea habit has gone a long way to making peace between us!

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Aiko said

My mom likes her tea exceptionally weak— she’ll use under a teaspoon of leaves for a 16oz mug, put it in a filterbag and dunk it for maybe 20 seconds at the most. I don’t get how it tastes like anything but water! She often reuses the filterbag several times.

Then my boyfriend is on the other end of the scale; he’s one of those that likes it strong and bitter (he’s generally a black coffee drinker, but enjoys a cup of tea now and then).

To each his own, I guess!

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