Last Meal and Tea?

If any of you all steepsterans would have the last meal of your lives which teas would you all prefer to complement the meal? Personally I would love to have a cup or two of regular English Breakfast black tea. I’m a terribly practical man, and the tea that I first grew up with is the most comforting to drink one last time.

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DC said

Longjing, it was the tea that started this love affair. Possibly the first cut is the deepest, before I die, it is a nice memory to take with me. Not to mention I can die with a sweet after taste in my mouth.

oh I certainly want to taste that tea! I have not even scratched the surface of Chinese than the usual black keemun and generic greens from china. I was just about to say the same, i certainly like teas that are naturally sweet sorta like the ’sweetness of life".

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I would want a cup of 1970’s Tong Xing Hao, Twice rinsed and steeped 1 minute, It’s a great Puerh.

I would savor each cup of brew! 1970s puerh is quite expensive your quite lucky to try some! I really wanting a block, just a small one but I think the price os on par with the darjeelings out in the markets!

it cost me 130 bucks for an ounce, it was well worth it tho but not enough to buy twice

steeep and ouch! I thought buying from teavana was worse enough but Its definitely worth the buy! Where did you buy? directly from yunnan or a website?

SunnyinNY said

Wow! That is wild. I had no idea tea could be so much money!

no kidding! Like fine wine and caviar all worth the buy if you got the money.

SunnyinNY said

Very true!

DC said

Changed my mind, before dying I hope I can taste the Big Red Robe from the original 6 trees, I would not have lived in vain then.

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We got it from, they are in new york i think

great I’ll save up for a cake of the best pu erh! I never bought pu erh other than the generic chinese tea shop or from world market that sells a packet of pu-erh. I really love the earthiness of the tea and definitely the many times it can be steeped.

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SunnyinNY said

I’m going with my favorite at the moment….California Tea House’s Lime in the Coconut. I cannot rave about this lovely lime coconut flavor enough. I would want that to be the last thing I taste before my impending doom. And I’m going to be greedy & make the biggest pot of it & savor every last drop till it’s all gone……


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Steak and whatever goes well with that…chai? My Pink Pearls? This is tough!

But a nice cut of steak is non-negotiable (sorry to all the vegans/vegetarians out there; I love my steak.)

SunnyinNY said

Mmm….I would take that steak & make my London Cuppa. It’s a strong simple black tea. I would flavor it with raspberry agave to give it a little flavor & eat up! Although I would probably ice the tea.

And never apologize for loving steak!

wow you certainly made me really yearning for some steaks!

I want some steak now too… :(

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Aiko said

Ooohhh.. that’s a hard question.. I would be so upset fretting over all the teas I never got around to trying!
Part of me would go for something expensive and exotic in some last-ditch effort to try even more teas, but I think deep down I would be quite content with some good genmaicha and a couple of grilled brown rice balls, glazed with soy and ginger.

that will really complement a good tea! All this talk of food sure as hell I would have everyday drunk on a last meal:)

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Can I choose an oolong and say they can’t kill me until I finish my very last steep? (I’m assuming I’m being murdered for something, clearly!) But really, hmmm….. I think I’d go with…. Umm…. Umm…. Actually what comes to mind is 52 teas vegan Marshmallow one that was just in the Christmas sampler! Which is ironic because I’m going to find some more of it if it kills me!

I love how oolong and pu-erh teas just makes you contemplate and cherish the richness of life and age! They are kinda in a way aged teas and this in a way reflects how much life has been such a good journey that whatever at the end of the last sip reminds how life is so comforting!

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Cannabuzz said

1 gallon of hot delicious sencha and a mountain of sushi please. This way I can die honorably, from overconsumption, before anyone else kills me.

count me in! Drowning myself in my favorite tea is the best thing in the whole world…Second to stuffing myself to death with food! Personally I want to be buried with clarified butter, there is nothing second best to tea but clarified butter or anything slathered in it! Yum!

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The best quality Yame gyokuro money can buy. That’s what I’d have.

That is so wonderful to have! I wonder where did you buy it from and how much of it you bought

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