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Chai and Masala chai difference - Recipie

Kindly share you chai or Masala chai Recipie please, I would like to mention later at the end of discussion how the real masala chai or simply chai is made in India and why people travel 2 to 5 kms to get a cup of good chai early in the morning walking!

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chai means tea in Indian and Chai Masala simple means spicy mixtures in Indian. Its a part of their tea customs where they would get the best tea from a wallah sorta like getting good coffee from a Starbucks. I definitely will probably walk 2 to 5km for good tea especially if they are on sale!

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Thanks Anthony! I am also Indian and I am a student of Lipton Tea Institute UK. I have introduced Classic darjeeling Tea in Mexico but Mexicans prefer more Tissane, Herbal Tea. I had a chance to drink Chai in starbucks and they use powedered chai. Well I would like to share my mother Recipie here. Its indeed simple and involve few steps

1 Roll boil the water with Ginger and few spices you like clove, Green Cardomom, Cinamon * SPICES are optional – only when you like spicy Tea.
2. Put Two table spoon of Tea , the Tea normally used in making chai is Assam Pure Tea always second flush or any Assam tea Autumn Flush and normally in India Tea dust or Fannings are used and not whole leave Teas for greater steeping and Infusion in the rolling boiling water and steep the tea for 8/10 minutes.
3. For a cup of Tea add 1/4 cup of milk again it depends on the taste some prefer more milky taste, I prefer hard tea so I go by 1/4 cup.
4. Strain the Tea
5. Serve it hot

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Finally, The best chai can be made by CTC Leaves

chai no matter what taste really awesome! I use to make chai by scratch and found it to be quite tasty and really strong If the spices are reallly generous. The hard part was balancing off the spices otherwise it could all taste just one of the spices usually cloves or cinnamon
(on the side note, I wonder how will darjeeling second flush will taste with chai spices?)

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There’s an excellent website all about chai and how to blend you own:

thanks! I try out what they recommend.

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Hi guys! Love Love Masala Chai and love all the discussion around it. Mantra – I look forward to trying your recipe.

I created a youtube video on how to make my own Masala Chai recipe if you guys are interested:



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Thanks Sahee for the Video I am watching it

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Thanks all! well yeah once I got a pack from local tea shop the quality of tea was less and more spices like black pepper, green cardomom, cloves , cinamon and dry ginger chunks .

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I am introducing recipie of Chai in Mexico that is real authentic indian taste, the color whould be brown after brewing and steeping and full with aroma of Tea and less of spices…just a little tinch..

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Darjeeling second flush doesnt give the color brown after brewing and the taste is blande, what is prefered is CTC leaves from Assam or Darjeeling Monsoon flush..

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