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I'm just starting out on teas what do you reccommend I start with for good health?

I have a variety from jasmine, green to oolong, 100 year old tea and I feel like I need some guidance on how to wash and how much to use in a little pot to how long I let it seep for. Can someone give me some guidance? Louise 

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Are you using a tea pot or a gaiwan?
In my Chatsford teapot I use one tsp of tea leaves per 6 ounces of water.
The time to brew tea is based on personal preference, but here is a chart with some general guidelines:
Green Tea 160 degrees F 1 – 3 minutes
White Tea 180 degrees F 4 – 8 minutes
Oolong Tea 190 degrees F 1 – 8 minutes
Black Tea Rolling Boil 3 – 5 minutes
Herbal (tisanes) Rolling Boil 5 – 8 minutes
IF the tea has brewing instructions on the tin, follow those guidelines for that tea.
Hope this helps.
Enjoy your tea journey:)

That is fabulous I can’t wait to get home now to make make a green tea thank you for taking the time :-)

You are most welcome!

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Try Black teas and Green teas and herbal tisanes, I have gone a similar route which helped me expand my tea interests and love for. These three tea types are so varied you can explore each variety (eg Breakfast, Earl Grey, Keemun, Ceylon, etc) and you will not regret each of those experiences! You are welcome to open the doors to adventure and varieties that are so delectable, that tea in itself is a an adventure! Happy Journey!

I love this tea journey it is terribly exciting and I appreciate your suggestions and help :-)

your are very welcome! These teas have always been there from the beginning, English Breakfast woke me up to a whole new possibilities of tea, while Green Teas and groovy Herbals comforted and drove me to discover more. I could not ask for more:)

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DC said

Where do I start?
Why don’t you post a pic of your pot and the size, then I’m sure everyone will chip in with their advice.
Just a note, brewing is a matter of personal preference actually, the guides are just an approximation, some people like their tea stronger and some like it weaker. By adjusting quantity and to a lesser extent steeping time and water temperature you can find your personal sweet spot.
I would think black teas and pu-erhs are the easiest to start off, they stand up well to boiling temperatures and over-steeping- at least better than greens and yellows.
If you’re brewing green tea, take note of water temperature 70-80 degrees Celsius and don’t oversteep, if I am trying something new out, I always start with 30 sec and adjust from there. Quantity is 3-5g per 100 ml
For oolongs, it is quite easy, usually 5g per 100 ml works well, water temperature is circa 95 degrees C and for this combination I usually steep for 10-15 sec and adjust accordingly.
Most teas, add hot water and pour out immediately to wash. Pu-erh, you can wash twice, especially if there is a musty smell.
Hope this helps and enjoy the lifelong ride!

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Wow your post also has certainly helped thank you so very much…my dream is to get a genuine hand painted pot from hong kong next time I go over as the wee one I use is very old. In Christchurch we don’t have any tea shops at all which is a shame.The tea i have has been given to me or i have bought oe and it has been sitting and waiting for me ro use and enjoy..I’m so excited now as I have more of an idea…Thank you :-) I guess it doesn’t matter how old the tea is as long as it is washed :-)

DC said

Not true actually, there’s a difference between aged tea and old tea. Not all teas can be kept for a long time but if you wash properly with boiled water, I wd think the worse that can happen is tasteless tea. Dun hold me to that though.
Why dun you take a picture and let some of the experts (not me) here take a look?

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