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Weight loss tea?

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I agree with TeaVivre advise the only thing I will add is when you wake up in the morning drink a nice cold glass of water which I heard the cold water will just start your metabolism. Also, within 30 minutes of you waking up have breakfast with some sort of healthy protein(meat) or a protein shake or even legumes as examples. The thing I am going to say is what every trainer or health guru would say cut out the carbs meaning starchy carbs like toast, bread, pancakes,muffins, potatoes, and even rice. If your going to eat this limit yourself to 1 or 2 times a week only. As for the tea I think pu-erh, oolongs, green tea wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know everything these are just my suggestions in my humble opinion. Please make sure that anything you decide to do for weight loss has been approved through your doctor since he know your medical history best.
Good luck on your weight loss.

milkspoon said

It is actually not true that breakfast affects your weight loss or metabolism at all! A frighteningly common myth, but the human metabolism is much sturdier than that and does not care when you eat, as long as you do.

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milkspoon said

It seems everyone’s said this but – it’s all about what you put in your body! Eat less! That is the only way to lose weight. Or exercise the burn calories, which has basically the same effect as eating less, with some bonuses like improvement in your cardiovascular health. Personally I eat pretty low carb, only eat when I’m hungry, and lift heavy weights and I stay lean effortlessly. I was very fat as a child and I’m by NO MEANS “naturally” skinny (my sister is though, curse her). It’s all about your lifestyle.

That said, tea is a nice companion in weight loss because it’s no/low calorie, filling, and time consuming. If I feel like munching but it’s not meal time or I’m definitely not hungry, a cup of tea with maybe a little cream can be sipped for 30-60 mins without thinking about food again. It also IS true that tea boosts your metabolism – by a measly 4% when drunk is moderate to large quantities. A strong morning coffee might also help your endeavors because caffeine is a natural thermogenic.

But yes, it all comes down to how much you eat vs how much you burn, and things like tea are a very, very small component.

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I make a tea that contains green tea, yerba mate and fennel. Fennel is a natural appetite suppressant, the green tea is full of antioxidants and the mate is full of nutrients and is also an appetite suppressant.

I found this information regarding mate: “Mate (flex paraguariensis) is an evergreen member of the holly family. It grows wild in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Brazil, but is most abundant in Paraguay where it is also cultivated. The plant is classified vaguely, according to Western herbal medicine, as aromatic, stimulant, bitter, aperient (laxative), astringent, diuretic, purgative, sudorific (sweat inducing), and febrifuge (fever reducing). Mate contains numerous vitamins and minerals. There is the usual array of resins, fiber, volatile oil, and tannins that characterize many plant substances. And there is also carotene; vitamins A. C, E, B-1, B-2 and B-complex; riboflavin; nicotinic acid; pantothenic acid; biotin; magnesium; calcium; iron; sodium; potassium; manganese; silicon; phosphates; sulfur; hydrochloric acid; chlorophyll; choline; and inositol. In 1964 one group of investigators from the Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society concluded that Mate contains practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life.”

I find if I drink it iced, the cold helps contract my stomach and helps me so that I don’t eat as much. But really, there’s no magic bullet…mostly will power.

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Sarah4245 said

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Well, diet control, regular exercise, normal lifestyle, stop eating sweet and oily food are all believed the key elements to weight loss. However, that teas can clean intestines after an oily meal to avoid fat remaining in the body is also a fact. Pure teas are recommended other than flavored teas.

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