IngenuiTEA Cleaning

It says dishwasher safe…have you!? If so…any tips!? Top rack!? Take apart or leave in tact!?

Other non-dishwasher methods!?

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Cofftea said

I just take out the filter, scrub it w/ a dish cloth and some soap and then wash the rest just like you would a cup.

jennlea said

I have taken the filter out and the lid off and thrown all of it the dishwasher on the top rack. Never had any problems.

denisend said

Same. I throw the filter into the silverware thing so it doesn’t get lost and the rest goes on the top rack.

jennlea said

I never thought to do that with the filter! What a great idea!

when i toss it in the dishwasher i put the filter in the silverware basket and take the lid & bottom thingy and cup part in the top rack (if it were on the bottom it would melt in our dishwasher…apparently we have super heated water lol)

I was wondering about it melting…ours would too! :P

well ive never had it melt…yet, but ive had dishwasher safe stainless steal and thick plastic cat food dishes break/crack/melt in our dishwasher even on the top so we tend to be wary lol

I take the filter out and carefully scrub it with a toothbrush. I don’t use liquid soap because it has a fragrance. Usually I use baking soda, but if the filter needs whitening I’ll sprinkle powdered dishwasher detergent (such as Cascade) on it. I don’t use chlorine bleach or chlorinated sink cleansers because chlorine degrades (weakens) plastics while it gets them white. I haven’t tried the dishwasher tips as posted here, but I reckon I’ll get around to that, because the toothbrush thing is time-consuming. Thanks for the help; with your advice, maybe I won’t melt anything! :)

Not had an issue with it yet six months later and it gets a good hammering pretty much on a daily basis.

Arshness said

I normally rinse it out after each use. If anything is stuck to it, or I used a very strong smelling tea, I may clean it with my volcano method: Baking soda and vinegar. If it has stuff stuck in it, sometimes I disassemble it and scrub everything. Every once in a while I do all these things then run it through the dishwasher (Top rack after removing the lid and I put the lid in the top rack too).

It’s usually pretty easy to keep it clean and I use it like crazy. I have two even.

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