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stephanieb said

Tea for an upset stomach?

Hi fellow tea drinkers! I was wondering if there’s a specific tea that helps an upset stomach? I know that ginger helps settle an upset stomach, but I’m looking for something more specific… perhaps a brand or a specific tea? I usually go straight to my tea stash when I’m sick and need something comforting, but aside from a green tea with ginger in it (which I don’t want to drink at night), I have nothing (that I’m aware of) for an upset stomach.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

PS – I sometimes drink kambucha or this Digestif tea from David’s for a regular tummy ache, but I don’t know if they’d work for an upset stomach…

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Shu pu’er really helps settle my stomach when I’m not feeling well. Look for a blend with mint and cinnamon (or ginger), and that should be a nice comforting stomach-settler.

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Straight up peppermint…or I will take a bag of mint and a ginger together. Celestial seasonings also makes a tummy mint tea.

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I love Yogi Tea’s ginger or lemon ginger for an upset stomach.

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Uniquity said

Plain peppermint. Any brand, bagged or loose. Ditto ginger. Good luck!

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DukeGus said

Chamomile and most herbal teas work nice

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Dorothy said

For me it really depends on the situation. If my stomach is upset due to illness I prefer peppermint and/or ginger. For that sort of combo I drink Northern African Mint from David’s (but I’d drink any peppermint/ginger combo).
When I feel icky due to eating too much food or have a hangover, ripe puerh really hits the spot. With the shu (ripe) puerh, I usually grab a 5g mini tuo cha. The ones from Teavivre are pretty good but you can find those tuo cha in a lot of other stores.

Also I know it’s not tea related but sometimes ginger ale works well too. You can always grab some at a local convenience store. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

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cteresa said

Mint of any kind.

Or something very popular in my country, but I think rare elsewhere, is lemon balm ( melissa officinalis) tea, it even tastes very niceand is very soothing to my stomach.

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As mentioned before, straight up peppermint, of any brand. Also, peppermint with chamomile mixed together, again any brand. Good luck!

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Dinosara said

I always keep a lemon ginger green tea around for upset stomachs, but the brand doesn’t matter much as long as it’s gingery. If it’s the evening and I don’t want caffeine I have an herbal tea with spearmint, lemon verbena and eucalyptus that is awesome (unfortuantely it’s an Argentinian tea and not easily available in the states, but those are some ingredients to look out for).

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Jillian said

Ginger works well againast nausea/vomiting and either camomile or mint takes care of anything else. I usually just buy all three herbs in bulk and blend them together for an all-purpose stomach tea.

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