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Stash/Cupboard Pictures

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Cavocorax said

So this was my stash about 8 months ago, when I was already getting worried it was too big: http://i45.tinypic.com/akva5f.jpg

Here it is now: http://oi43.tinypic.com/2expq2h.jpg

And this is the same if I empty the boxes and spread it out: http://i44.tinypic.com/2utj8zt.jpg

Yikes! Back to the tea buying hiatus board! :P

It’s so nice and neat! I need to neaten up my stash!

Sil select said

haha i sent you that box!!!

Shmiracles said

i love these photos. great documentation. and makes me wanna go home and fondle my teas.

Cavocorax said

Hahaha – that’s what this thread does to me. I had to update my pics after seeing Sil’s, and then someone else went and did the same after me. :P

And Sil – yep. :) I just absorbed it…

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Lynxiebrat said

Does anyone know how to add the little boxes on Flickr, you know when you hover your mouse over the it, a box appears and gives you a description? Have no idea how!

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I think I have a problem….

I tried laying it all out on my (queen sized) bed, but got about halfway through and ran out of room…

That’s a whole LOTTA tins! Are those all Davidstea?

most of the tins are DAVIDs tins, but not all of them are filled with DAVIDs teas. The tins are just the perfect size, so I refill them with whatever (same thing if I really liked it, something different if it wasn’t worth restocking or is no longer available).

only a handful of those tins are full (only because I filled them in the last couple weeks, haha!) and they don’t stay full for long. Between me, friends, and my pony, tea has a short turn-around time between purchase date and consumption, haha

Lynxiebrat said

For some reason just your profile, and a big group of your pictures showed up, but I can imagine.lol

Your pony drinks tea?!

it should be a direct link to “For the Love Of Tea” album (with pictures of the whole shelf and close-ups of individual shelves)
And yes, my pony drinks tea! His favourites include his shownamesake (DAVIDs Ceylon Star), matcha, earl grey, and hong kong style black tea. I’ll fill a 1L thermos with tea and take it to the barn with me, and we’ll share. Or I’ll fill the thermos AND a travel mug, and I get to drink what’s in the travel mug and he gets the thermos to himself (in a bucket, of course)

I am amazed and amused at the same time! That is so cool! I’ve never heard of a horse that drank tea before.

Java LOVES it. He knows what my travel mugs are, and what they contain, and gets very upset if I don’t share. So much so that he’s been known to grab the cup out of my hand and fling it into his bucket if he feels like I’m holding out on him!

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Dexter3657 said

I love this thread, it makes me realize that I DO NOT have too much tea. :))

Lien Jelly said

This! :D Totally lose this thread!

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ZachMangan admin said

Ok, I will post a picture of my own stash soon, but in the meantime, THE ULTIMATE STASH:


Refrigerated tea storage at a Farm in Japan. It’s gonna be hard to top the TONS of great tea in THAT stash!

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Lariel select said

I’ve look through a few of these. I seem to need more David’s Teas and Della Terra.

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Well I haven’t been an adventurous tea drinker for long (I just discovered Steepster & all these online tea companies a month ago). So I don’t exactly have a cupboard-full, but I have a little box I keep all my teas in!
I’m running into trouble, though, cause I have to somehow squeeze in two more 52teas that I just got in the mail! Eek.

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