Stash/Cupboard Pictures

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Cavocorax said

So this was my stash about 8 months ago, when I was already getting worried it was too big:

Here it is now:

And this is the same if I empty the boxes and spread it out:

Yikes! Back to the tea buying hiatus board! :P

It’s so nice and neat! I need to neaten up my stash!

Sil select said

haha i sent you that box!!!

Shmiracles said

i love these photos. great documentation. and makes me wanna go home and fondle my teas.

Cavocorax said

Hahaha – that’s what this thread does to me. I had to update my pics after seeing Sil’s, and then someone else went and did the same after me. :P

And Sil – yep. :) I just absorbed it…

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Lynxiebrat said

Does anyone know how to add the little boxes on Flickr, you know when you hover your mouse over the it, a box appears and gives you a description? Have no idea how!

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I think I have a problem….

I tried laying it all out on my (queen sized) bed, but got about halfway through and ran out of room…

That’s a whole LOTTA tins! Are those all Davidstea?

most of the tins are DAVIDs tins, but not all of them are filled with DAVIDs teas. The tins are just the perfect size, so I refill them with whatever (same thing if I really liked it, something different if it wasn’t worth restocking or is no longer available).

only a handful of those tins are full (only because I filled them in the last couple weeks, haha!) and they don’t stay full for long. Between me, friends, and my pony, tea has a short turn-around time between purchase date and consumption, haha

Lynxiebrat said

For some reason just your profile, and a big group of your pictures showed up, but I can

Your pony drinks tea?!

it should be a direct link to “For the Love Of Tea” album (with pictures of the whole shelf and close-ups of individual shelves)
And yes, my pony drinks tea! His favourites include his shownamesake (DAVIDs Ceylon Star), matcha, earl grey, and hong kong style black tea. I’ll fill a 1L thermos with tea and take it to the barn with me, and we’ll share. Or I’ll fill the thermos AND a travel mug, and I get to drink what’s in the travel mug and he gets the thermos to himself (in a bucket, of course)

I am amazed and amused at the same time! That is so cool! I’ve never heard of a horse that drank tea before.

Java LOVES it. He knows what my travel mugs are, and what they contain, and gets very upset if I don’t share. So much so that he’s been known to grab the cup out of my hand and fling it into his bucket if he feels like I’m holding out on him!

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Dexter said

I love this thread, it makes me realize that I DO NOT have too much tea. :))

Lien Jelly said

This! :D Totally lose this thread!

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ZachMangan admin said

Ok, I will post a picture of my own stash soon, but in the meantime, THE ULTIMATE STASH:

Refrigerated tea storage at a Farm in Japan. It’s gonna be hard to top the TONS of great tea in THAT stash!

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Lariel select said

I’ve look through a few of these. I seem to need more David’s Teas and Della Terra.

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Well I haven’t been an adventurous tea drinker for long (I just discovered Steepster & all these online tea companies a month ago). So I don’t exactly have a cupboard-full, but I have a little box I keep all my teas in!
I’m running into trouble, though, cause I have to somehow squeeze in two more 52teas that I just got in the mail! Eek.

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More tea stash pics! Go GO GO!

Mine: I really need to label my tins.

Mine isn’t as well organized as yours. I’ll take some pics and post though.

Cavocorax said

I love it! The explanations behind why you did it all the way you did were pretty interesting too!

boychik said

very nice and organized. I spy White2tea. i think i see White Whale ?

so when do you decide to not drink a new tea and go back and try something you’ve already reviewed? I’ve just put a personal moratorium on my buying. I’m too new to tea to start stashing favorites. I buy a big amount of something because I’m in “love” with it and then I move on to another flavor palate and decided I’m in “love” with a new one, and don’t like the old one anymore…..geez, I’m like a teenager with tea!!! I can’t keep all mine in the same place or my husband would realize how much I have. :) Awkward Soul, did you get the La Perse saffron tea sample at the Expo? Have you tried it yet?

I like how organized everything is and your crochet owls are so cute!

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Dexter said

I’m in the process of organizing my stash. This is just my flavored teas. Hoping the revival of this thread will motivate me to finish my straight teas. :))

ETA: This is my straight tea shelf – not as neat as the flavored ones. This still needs some work.

Christina said


Dexter said

Thanks Christina. :))

Cutting the packets and pasting them as labels on the tins? Why haven’t I thought of this before? (need to get to work)

Ost said

That’s insane! :O How long did it take you to gather that much tea? XD

I struggle with the tins, I don’t feel like I have tons of any tea to fill a tin.

Dexter said

Kiwi – I just cut and tape the labels to the tins. If I want to swap out the tea that’s in the tins, you just peel off the label and start again. I also put the tea in zip lock baggies and then in the tin, that makes it easier to clean the tin (and less scent contamination) for swapping it out to something else.

Ost – I joined Steepster in March 2013 – that’s when my addiction started. Everything in my house is “fairly” new – I think the oldest is November 2013 (maybe one or two from Oct). Now that my stash is exploding out of control I felt I needed to store them properly to keep them fresh…

You have some good storage ideas – very clean :)

Dinosara said

Marzipan— You could do smaller tins in that case. I have a bunch of smaller tins that hold about 50g/2oz of tea, and then even smaller ones that hold 25g/1oz tea. Most of my 50g tins are the TND8 from specialty bottle. Most of my smaller ones are from various samples I’ve gotten over the years, including from very generous Steepsterites… some of those are TNF4, some are TND4, or equivalent.

Of course, if a tea comes to me in an airtight, resealable bag I don’t transfer it to a tin. These days, most of my tins are for Lupicia and Dammann Frères, whose teas don’t come in resealable bags.

Sil select said

i envy your ability to get those bottles easily in the US dinosara…i wish canada had better options…

Cavocorax said

what do you guys think about these? That might work? They’re pretty plain though…

Dinosara said

Those definitely seem to be very similar to the ones from Specialty Bottle, but it looks like you have to buy 48 at a time!

I hear you on the Canadian options, Sil… even the US shipping for specialty bottle can get really pricey really fast.

Cavocorax said

Yeah, 48 is a decent amount, but OTOH, look how many tins Dexter has! If I could make these Uline ones pretty then I could easily fit 48 on my shelf…

Shmiracles said

yes i use the specialtybottle ones!
this pic is a mix-mash but currently my drawer is two layers of all matching “8oz Tin w/ Cover”
and i did by them individually :)
first 27 and then another order of 18 haha
i use colorcoded magnets for labels, easy peasy!

i’ll try to take an up to date pic when i get home tonight if i can remember?

update — these are the ones i bought:
kinda expensive cuz i remember shipping being DUMB
but my tea is worth it
and i haven’t felt my system is lacking in any way ever since, which for me is hard to achieve hah

Dinosara said

Cavo – haha, yeah I guess 48 tins would be well used in most of the stashes here. You could get some nice paper and glue it on, kind of like a washi tin?

Cavocorax said

Shmiracles – I like your magnets! If you put them on the front, will they curl around with the metal, or just fall off?

OMGsrsly said

I have some of the 50g style tins, and I’ve glued on pretty paper. Scrap book paper is maybe $1-2 per sheet, and you can get some lovely patterns. I need more, though. I was getting my tins locally at Cranberry Lane, but they were expensive. And it looks like they aren’t carrying the 50g style anymore.

I agree with what Christina said OMG.WANT.

Dexter, where did you get those lovely black tins?! They are gorgeous.. I’ve wanted black ones. And do you feel that they keep your tea nice and fresh? :]

Dexter said

albertocanfly – they are from DavidsTea. They sell the tins in the same colors as their “wall”. You can buy them instore or online.
The tins are pretty good. I buy them instore and check the seal. I also put the tea in a ziplock bag then in the tin. It makes reusing the tins easier. :))

Thank you so much! :]

Dexter said

LOL That link isn’t working because the black tins have been taken down… was up when I posted that. I can’t imagine WHY they would be sold out of black tins – couldn’t possibly have been anything I’ve done….

It was working when I looked at it earlier!! (I just now had enough time to reply:O) It was there, I saw it!! :O
Did you by them all out, Dexter?:P tehehe

Dexter said

I don’t think I bought them out, but I’ve bought a ton and I know someone who ordered a BUNCH online the other day….

Well, they are gone from the site for now….Must have purchased the whole stock! Hahaha. That’s actually really impressive, buying Davidstea out of a tin color:P The closest that they have now is the dark brown. I’ll just have to keep an eye out for them!:]

Can’t believe they are out of the black tins…so funny! Well not so funny for those who want to purchase them :-0

MzPriss said

I might be partially responsible

Welcome to the club then MzPriss! Did you buy some more???
Lol, I’m sure the inventory guy at Davidstea is freaking out right now!!

MzPriss said

No, I only got the original 20, but between my 20 and you and Dexter and your, ahem, larger amounts I’m guessing it made a pretty big dent in their inventory.

Shmiracles said

hey Cavocorax!
the labels would and do EASILY bend around a tin. it’s just magnetic tape so it actually already comes in a curl!
one side is sticky and that is the side i put color coded paper on. (pink = black tea, green = green tea, blue = white tea etc etc)
that means i don’t have to spend too much effort doing time consuming tasks to label and sort my tea correctly.
the labels are real real easy to switch out.

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so, I’m gonna be reading this thread all night…

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