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Pets + Tea

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I’ve caught my cat sipping on my green tea a couple of times…which makes me wonder how many times he does that I don’t catch him…eww…lol.

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Of my 3 dogs my Redbone Coonhound mix loves tea and will sneak it whenever she can. As mrawlins2 said it is the times I don’t catch her that concerns me.

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Ninavampi said

My dog Sencha is curious about it, but not enough to actually steal a sip! Thankfully! :)

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Aiko said

Sometimes when I’m making tea I will let my dove out of his cage to fly around. He doesn’t care much for it but he sometimes perches on the edge of my tea-tray and coos at me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLpiI3AVsWU — at about 0:50, he expresses his lack of interest, hah.


CupofTree said

Cute :)

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My pony, Java, drinks as much tea as I do! haha

we share a thermos of tea before a workout, and then I add tea to a few handfuls of treats/alfalfa cubes after the workout to prevent the built up stomach acid from causing him any issues (he has a bit of a sensitive tummy).

He also gets a scoop of Matcha powder in his breakfast and dinner “grain” (doesn’t actually contain real grain, it’s a mineral supplement for maintenance, and canola meal to help level out his mind and help give him added protein to build muscle). That started because he was on a supercharged mineral supplement for the first few months that I owned him, because his mineral levels were so low. The supplement was green (algae base) powder, and when he stopped needing the high levels of minerals I took him off of it, and then he would refuse to eat his grain! So then I mixed a bit of the supplement with matcha powder, and started adding it to his food to trick him into thinking he was still getting it. I tried taking him off again, but he will actually rip the bucket off the wall and throw the grain everywhere if he doesn’t get the matcha in it! Pretty sure he’s more addicted than I am…

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My kittens (almost 8 months old) are naughty from time to time and they help themselves to my tea. They climb onto my shelf and they grab the ones that smell sweet such as butterscotch or chocolate. I had since had to keep all loose leaf tea’s in closed boxes so that they remain intact.

I have two adult girls and they are not interested at all, the most they do is turn their nose up at me when I have green tea lol.

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Oh my girls would definitely drink my tea if I’d let them! it’s so bad I can’t even drink it other than at the dining table because they’ll stick their faces in everything! Recently, we had to rush good old Lexicon to The puppy ER for HOPPING ON THE TABLE and eating my boyfriend’s eggs, which had onion in them. A little throw up and a stomach full of charcoal later (and $140 poorer), we’re a lot more careful! Though recently she learned how to hop on our KITCHEN ISLAND via the garbage can, so who knows what to do about cat dog (for those following along over summer, she’s the one who had parvo and survived after a long month of puppy separation!)


After a long weekend trip, Lexi And her sister Dobyns: http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/579466_10151262855621335_436306072_n.jpg

Me with the girls: http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/s720x720/262202_10151205758246335_2100750753_n.jpg

Family portrait: http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/561702_10151251645551335_924290336_n.jpg

And now I’d better stop or I’ll be posting pictures all day!!!

Too cute!

Not when they went flying face first jumping out of the cart at Home Depot last night! Ok who am I kidding, they were cute even then ;)


Awww! So adorables! Babies get away with A LOT if you think about it, and it’s simply because they are adorable and helpless. It’s the same with puppies. I never knew how much trouble pups could get into until I had my own. They are way more mobile than a baby, that’s for sure! I suspect that my pups think their names are “You B!@#$%%S!” I mean that in a loving way of course. :)

Our dogs full names are “Lexi NO!” and “Dobby stop!”

Nik select said

So cute!

Sare said

i don’t think a little onion is bad unless it was Half an onion my dog has eaten a piece of two when they fall on the floor from chopping and been fine our problem was the Raisin bran with my jack Russel my husband dues not like raisin but he likes the cereal so he will eat around them! and you know they put two scoops in there lol, Well a bowl full of raisins and a dog is not good and clover ate the whole bowl! luckily i figured this out before we left for work for the day cues Jameson did not know raisins kill dogs, and we had to give her sips of peroxide to throw it up but then she ate it again before i could get rid of it… so of course off to the ER we went for charcoal! which she ate willingly mixed in with dog food! she is ok but the cereal had been banned from the home…

The problem with onion is it won’t kill them right away, it causes them to have health issues down kid line. Our vet knows we’re extremely paranoid, but when we told him it was just a small piece of egg with MAYBE some chopped onion in it, he said for the size of our dogs it’s better safe than sorry so bring them in. We realized later she might have eaten onion before on my boyfriend’s watch but because they won’t get sick ASAP we’re not entirely sure… My mom fed her dog grapes once and she got super sick right away so I think it depends on the dogs, but after surviving parvo I wasn’t letting an onion get her!!!

Sare said

Completely Agree!!! We would have given the dog mouth to mouth! Glad yours are ok ! :) SOme dogs are allergic to them and some arnt i guess is what grapes comes down too. but it shuts down there organs within hours. Very sad !

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Sare said

My jack Russel Clover is always up to steal some of my tea like she is trying to do now while i type it lol, if she cant get into my mug she is trying to lick my lips for any drippings of tea!! Crazzy dog!

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BoxerMama said

My dog Rally has become a tea thief. It all started with Pistachio Ice Cream by butiki, then she progressed to some verdant and as I typed this she licked my cup that I just drank Paris out of.
Her with 52Teas Doggy Tea.

I see Rally is as dainty a drinker as my boxer Janie. What a good dog!

Oh my goodness, in a teacup no less! So cute! My boyfriend wanted a boxer but our insurance said no :(

BoxerMama said

She is very Dainty with her mouth. Never devours treats from your hand, she’ll take them gently. She picks raspberry from our bush in the yard and tomatoes too. lol
I got those mugs from pampered chef, you can see the foot of my other boxer, he’s not a tea fan. I love my babies. <3

inguna said

Rally is adorable!

BoxerMama said

Thank you! I also think she’s pretty cute! :)

Nik select said

Awww! :D

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Sare said

i have another problem when im on my computer drinking tea and blogging about it that my cat sits in front of the screen to play with the mouse on the screen then decides he wants to play with the honey stick in my tea!

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