milkspoon said

New Zealand tea drinkers!

Looking for any kiwis out there to follow, my dashboard is very quiet and I’d love to read tasting notes and tealogs of teas available in our country (and outside, of course – I admittedly just placed an order at 52teas and the shipping wasn’t too bad). I’m not sure if this sort of topic is suitable for Discussion, but I hope there’s some of you out there! :)

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Tea Trade said

You are actually pretty lucky to be in New Zealand – there a couple of tea-related treasures there. One being Zealong tea.

The other is YaYa. Just a guy in Christchurch who an inordinate amount about tea, runs a small operation providing excellent and interesting tea to folks locally.

Here he is on Tea Trade:
His blog/store there:
and his main website:

I think you can find him on Twitter too, but I can’t seem locate his details right now. He brings a great deal of knowledge to tea and is extremely helpful in helping folks understand it and discover it!

milkspoon said

Neat! Thank you very much. I had not heard of Zealong, but I do like oolong so I’ll check it out.

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