Miha Rekar said

Music & Tea

I found a really interesting blend of genres today on YouTube (dubstep violin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI&hd=1) while enjoying an interesting tea blend so it got me wondering what kind of music do tea lovers listen to? Do we blend well together? :D

I’m mostly an electro fan (mainly techno, electro house and dubstep), but I love all the other stuff too…except pop…I don’t like pop :P

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I listen to a lot of instrumental music like Hybrid, Lesiem, Royksopp, E.S. Posthumus, Rob Dugan, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer, and just about anything classical. I typically just go to Pandora.com type in one of the above artists and listen to that when I can. I don’t listen to actual radio stations anymore except when I’m in a car. But when I’m sitting, relaxing, and drinking tea I’ll either put on some of my instrumental music or I’ll enjoy the silence.

Miha Rekar said

Oh, yes, big fan of Röyksopp myself- saw them life like 4 or 5 times ^^ Pandora doesn’t work in Slovenia :( Damn you half-globalisation :P

Ooh, jealous of seeing Royksopp live! Also, I think both of you may be interested in Zoe Keating. She plays the cello and electronically loops certain sequences and sounds so her entire songs are just her playing, but they can get pretty intense!


Miha Rekar said

The funny thing is I hated them until I had to go take photos of them when they were performing in our capital city. When I heard them live it was love at the first beat :D

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First off, thanks for sharing, Miha Rekar. That’s bitchin’! A small club in my town has a dubstep night every couple of weeks and I go dancing there regularly. This is entirely up my alley. I would love to enjoy a complex tea with many layers while listening to this. Maybe a Da Hong Pao or a particularly nice Yunnan golden tip.

In any case, when I’m really just sitting and enjoying a cup of tea for itself without other distractions, I would say I’m most likely to throw on something relaxing to go with it. I have a pretty cool Pandora station with some bluegrass/indie/celtic music that is perfect for my tea drinking times.

Miha Rekar said

Oh that must be so awesome…where I live I think that less than 0,01% of population know what dubstep is :P But it will be a while before they will serve quality teas in the clubs :P :D

Yeah, it’s definitely pretty solid! And I agree, they really ought to serve some quality tea in the clubs. Some classic Chinese writings on tea claim that drinking tea will make a drunk person sober or cure hangovers. Never been true in my case, but it’s a good enough excuse to convince them to change their ways. ;)

david said

I’m not 100% sure tea would work in a club, but hey, if it works for you – that’s good.

I’m also a big fan of the deep bass Miha Rekar, but i usually listen to relaxing stuff.

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I listen to lots of indie, alternative, folkish type musics. Classical sometimes is also nice when i’m enjoying tea alone.

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Dazaii said

I too listen to a lot of instrumental if I’m going to be listening while sipping. Mind you it’s more organic – not any of this electronic stuff added. So more….old :P I’m talking chamber music, baroque, classical era, usually via piano or orchestra. It’s relaxing c: Certain pieces sung A capella works beautifully too – try listening to some Gregorian chants.

Sometimes I like to listen to music that is appropriate to the type of tea I’m drinking.
ie; If I’m drinking sencha I’ll listen to someone playing the shamisen or a Japanese flute.

Ps. - I tried checking out this “Pandora” site. So sad, Canadians can’t view it :C

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Wow that’s awesome, thanks for the link!! Dubstep rocks :)
Myself, I listen to pretty much anything(except metal) but not much that is mainstream.
Indie, Indie-pop, dance, trip-hop, rap, rnb, some country… but most of my fave artists are unheard of(in Canada). I love listening to unique stuff that hasn’t been tamed by big record labels, to my simple ear anyhow… there are very few artists who manage to maintain their musical identity in the spotlight (Bruno Mars, Black Keys, or Adele for instance. I love them!)
Here are some of my other absolute music loves:
http://youtu.be/HM_eb0vVo0k —Powderfinger
http://youtu.be/lBOKyxO5Mgw —Hilltop Hoods
http://youtu.be/NZlFIKYIegg —Darren Hayes

As for while I am drinking tea… I think Massive Attack’s Heliogland album would be so relaxing and uplifting during a brewing session. Ooh, inspiration! I’m off to make a pot…

Irina said

Massive Attack is great for when I’m enjoying a hot cup of English Breakfast. (:

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Uniquity said

Hmm. I listen to a lot of rock in any category you might want to put that in, though I suppose more alt rock at this point. The majority of my musical favourites originated in the 60s, 70s and 80s (though I have a distinct fondness for some 90s acts. I’m way too in love with Salt N Pepa because that’s what my Mum listened to when I was little). I’ve gone on a mega Presidents of the United States of America and Mother Mother kick lately though, for something a little different.

Speaking of your Mum… anyone ever listen to Mum, the icelandic band? That would be nice to drink tea to.

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Oh gosh, It’s all about what I’m writing or reading at the time.
Usually something like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYgqZYQYzwA&feature=related or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPAmDULCVrU&ob=av2e
Then, on other days it ends up like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu_GyfW_AhI or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGzvkySJKbM
Then straight to this: XD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPRVKNc97ws&ob=av3e and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woXyNpIITWQ

Again, it all depends. But either way, the mood is perfection.

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gmathis said

Deep, deep bluegrass roots here, punctuated by everything from Rat Pack to Celtic to JJ Heller to Moody Blues to …

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This thread minds me of some highschool friends who made a band… they’re really good, check them out! It’s kinda like dubstep… only more classical lol

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I enjoy J. Viewz, nice and smooth. Kinda hipster…

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