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Music & Tea

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Fjellrev said

My mom is a music teacher so I grew up listening to classical, classic rock, metal, and world music. Now, I also listen to post-rock, some indie, hip-hop, dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass too. As for the metal, my favourite sub-genres are doom, progressive, melo-death, death, Viking, folk, sludge, avant-garde, etc.

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seule771 said

Sorry, no YouTube. They say silence is golden; a raucous once in a while is nice too.

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I love Acid Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal and Goth Rock. Right now I’m listening to the In Flames cover of Everything Counts and drinking a cup of Enchanted Forest from Voila in Frederick. :)

My fave bands are Marilyn Manson, In Flames, Rob Zombie, Dark Tranquility. Manson is definitely my fave, and I’m a fan of him personally as well.

When I’m writing fiction I love listening to nature sounds with classic music blended. When I’m writing for work, anything goes – except rap, hip-hop and those annoying dance club songs that all sound the same.

Fjellrev said

Nice, what’s your favourite IF album?

James R said

Dark Tranquility is one of my favorites!

You named some greats there. I the older and middle of the road Manson stuff and I adore Zombie for his music and films. <3

Hey, another Manson fan!

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Shweet Thread. Well I guess if I was to describe my music taste I would have to say eclectic. Pretty much if I like it, I listen to it. Though I do tend to like older music VS new music; stuff before the 80’s. I like rock n roll, “Punk”, blues, some jazz, surf music, instrumentals, classical, epic game music, ect. One day I need to make a list of all the bands I listen too.

Here though is one of my favorite band clips. It is when THE WHO was on the Smothers Brothers. I can’t wait to see them in November!

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Drizzt88 said

Tea + Music is one of the best ways to relax…Well, I generally like jazz, all gernes of it but when it comes to a cup of tea I particularly enjoy it with mellow tones of jazz. Some of my favorite artists:
Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, Nat King Cole, Oscar Peterson. I enjoy hearing them in my favorite jazz radio station, accujazz.com where there is a wide veriety of artists!

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Julia said

I was hoping I might find some corelation between the teas people tend to drink and the music they listen to, but there doesn’t seem to be any! I guess we’re all unique that way (:
This might make me a weirdo but two of my longest-standing favorites are Greensleeves and La Vie En Rose, hahaha.
I listen to a lot of pre-2000s music, like classic rock (zeppelin, acdc, etc), blues (B.B King, John Coltrane, etc), and jazz. I do listen to some newer music too sometimes though, like progressive metal or H.I.M (they can’t seem to figure out what genre they are). I also love RHCP and John Frusciante!

I like “Greensleeves” as well. My dad plays that a lot on his guitar.

How do you feel about “Green Onion”

Julia said

Hey I just looked it up and I like it! Thanks!

no prob, glad you liked it. (8^>)

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While Tea Drinking I enjoy listening to what I call “Jaded Pop.” Jaded Pop is pretty much where I encompassed all of the really pretty sounding poppy artists that I love so much that have the most horrible things coming out of their mouths (I also thought to call it Suburban Hate Pop, but I think jaded Pop works better). I love listening to Cake Bake Betty, Emilie Autumn and The Dresden Dolls while I am drinking tea, as well as Lilly Allen, Regina Spector and Kate Nash. They make me want to throw on a vintage dress and have a cup of tea while doing chores and making meatloaf out of the hubby’s mistress. :)

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I really enjoy classical or jazz music during tea time. My boyfriend is actually a jazz musician too. (www.jamesdanielgummer.com) I just find it’s the best type of music to listen to to relax and enjoy each sip. But I’m not opposed to other genres!

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I’m all over the place. If I had to nail it down to two genres, the top would be post-rock and oldschool goth. I grew up on classical and opera though, and while I’m no the Beethoven fanboy I used to be as a kid, I still like the stuff (nowadays I’m much more into Chopin and Satie, and a bit of Debussy).

Lately I’ve been on a massive Nick Cave kick, a few months before that it was all Florence + the Machine, and inbetween those two it was lots and lots of Frank Sinatra and Gogol Bordello. Allll over the place. The general solid “Top Five” is Marilyn Manson, Florence + The Machine, Pink Floyd, Ours, and Katatonia.

Nick Cave… Bad Seeds…. US tour… Just announced… So rare… Like a solar eclipse on your birthday with gold-plated unicorns! :)

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This may have already been mentioned, but Putumayo’s Music from the Tealands is one of my favorite all-time CDs. From Russia to Japan and places in between.

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