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Mike Jutan said

Too much Pu-Erh = stomachache?

Hi all,

See my post below about Maiden’s Ecstasy Pu-Erh from Samovar.
I noticed that after having 2 pots worth my stomach was not alltogether pleased with me, I hadn’t had a ton of lunch before but this tea is such a strong flavour, I’m wondering maybe it Pu-Erh is very acidic or something? I haven’t had much Pu-Erh in the past but wondering if you need to take it with some caution, or make sure to have some food with it. Wondering if anyone else has found it a little harsh on the system – or maybe I was just a bit off that day and it has nothing to do with the tea ;)


Any comments would be awesome, thanks.
Keen to try more Pu-Erhs but hoping I don’t feel iffy after all of them ;)

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Hi Mike,
Pu-erh was actually recommended to me as being the least acidic of black teas, some people drink it when they have a stomach ache but it seems more popular to drink it after meals when you have indigestion or something.

You said you had two big pots full, how big were your pots? Maybe it was from drinking too much caffeine? I know if I drink too much tea in one day I will get heartburn.

hope that helps. :)

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From the color of the tea, it looks like a shu. Shu puerh usually doesn’t upset stomach as easily as sheng puerh, and sometimes shu puerh even helps with stomach problems. But if you brew the tea into a color similar to the one in the picture of the tea profile page, it could be quite dark and strong. For that level of strength, if you drink from small cups (smaller than 2 oz.) and drink very slowly, that might be ok. But it could upset the stomach.

Overall, I think it’s a good idea to drink tea with full or half full stomach. Dark puerh can work up your stomach. When I have puerh in the Chinese restaurant with my meal, I can eat a lot more :-) If you have a lot of puerh after a meal, you may get hungry again soon, or need more food soon.

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Uniquity said

This won’t be very helpful to you, but I think some people are just bothered more by certain teas (just like foods). I find pu-erh and green tea can both make my stomache upset and I have become quite averse to them because of this. However, most people I know find those to be calming. : (

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DukeGus said

I might not be of much help,
but when I started drinking pu erh I got upset stomach.
I was buying random cheap pu erh and the low quality was the problem.

I had almost given up on pu erh tea and then I tasted some from zhizhengtea and I had no problem and the taste was amazing compared to anything I had tasted. Jkteashop has some nice onces too but you have to choose some of peak or jk choice.

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Mike Jutan said

thanks for the info, folks! really appreciate the details.

I was chugging that stuff, I had about 12 steepings in a taster-size cup, so that was quite a lot. Also maybe mostly on an empty stomach. I’ll definitely try some Pu-Erh again but be sure to have it more casually and slowly and not chug it down… maybe also have some breakfast before it!


Geoffrey said

Hey Mike. Yea, looks like you’ve got the right idea now. Shu pu’er always makes me hungry when I drink it, unless I’m drinking it after a big filling dinner. I like to have some food around to snack on during a shu pu’er session if needed, or at least to make a point of eating something before I drink it. I hope you have better experiences with it in the future. Cheers!

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TeaVivre said

I agree with the opinions here that ripe pu’erh is great for stomach protection. And here are some tips when you drink pu’erh tea:

1. Don’t drink tea when you are in empty stomach
2. Brew it for a short period of time to get ideal results
3. Don’t drink tea too close to bedtime
4. Keep your tea set clean
5. Brew your tea with a proper method

chadao said

Hi TeaVivre, thanks for this. I don’t know how helpful this is for me, though. Honestly, I prefer my pu’er to have a very strong flavor, so I sometimes steep it for five minutes. I’ve also heard of people drinking pu’er as a bedtime tea because it doesn’t affect them. Also, what is the “proper” method for brewing pu’er? I’ve heard many different suggestions from many different companies.

TeaVivre said

If you’re interested in the way how to brew pu’erh tea, you can check this link: http://www.teavivre.com/info/brew-an-enjoyable-pu-erh-tea/
Also, pu’erh tea can be brewed in Sand-Fired teapot.

chadao said

Thank you, TeaVivre. The link was very helpful, especially the gaiwan brewing method. I’ll have to try it out!

TeaVivre said

You’re welcome^^, hope you can find the best way to brew pu’erh teas that can satisfy your taste buds!

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chadao said

I’ve had the same problem with drinking black (shu) pu’er tea. I figure that since this tea is meant for indegestion, too heavy a balance (drinking it on an empty stomach) of it in our systems was probably the problem.

JC said

I’ve been drinking Shu Puerh before bed lately… I like doing it and I love Puerh but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are easily affected by high contents of caffeine. Gingko and Teavivre both gave good advice. I would follow those.

Also, just be aware of the tea that makes you feel like that. I once had a Buddhist Shu Puerh and it made my stomach a bit upset but I DID drink too much too fast, and caffeine can affect your stomach a bit.

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