What are your favorite non US-based tea companies?

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Since this one has been revived… I need to add Teavivre!

SimplyJenW said


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Roland said

I’m in the UK. I believe they’re already in the system, but I’ve used (and been very impressed by):

Waterloo Teas – http://shop.waterlootea.com/
(Disclaimer – I work for a company that sells their teas)

Postcard Teas – http://www.postcardteas.com/

Wan Ling Teahouse – http://www.wanlingteahouse.com/

Everyman Tea Company – http://www.everymanteaco.com/
(Discalimer – I haven’t ordered, I got some samples before the shop was launched)

I’ve been in contact with all of them in one way or another – they’re all very friendly and helpful.

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Joe said

My favorite non-US based tea company is http://yuuki-cha.com/. Their Sencha’s as great as is their customer service. They also do a great job of giving you quite a bit of data regarding your tea (leaf variety, harvest date, etc.).

The only downside is their shipping costs but then again they are shipping you tea directly from Japan.

Although I rarely drink Japanese tea, I love the kyusu I got from yuuki cha! I used it for oolong and puerh and found it unbelievable. It’s the best $40 kyusu I’ve ever touched, and I almost want to buy an identical one :-)

Jillian said

I haven’t bought any tea from them, but I’ve got several of their gorgeous washi paper tins.

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I really love DAVIDs Tea… I know it sort of doesn’t count, since it’s Canadian based, and it ships North America for $5… but they really are friendly people. (Must be because they’re Canadian haha)

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cubelenec said

Company Tea Story has been around for few years now. Having great selection of all sort of teas. They are getting into the Herbal Teas now more and more, very interesting. Free delivery from £20 and using myHermes whos service improved big time in last couple years. They always give samples and other kind of gifts with every order. Good prices too and quality of tea is well above average to excellent. Also got few stars in Great Taste Awards in 2013, the first year they entered. Highly recommend them!


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Teatotaler said

Kusmi is my favorite non-US based tea company – Love Bouquet of Flowers No. 108, Anastasia, Traktir, and their Violet and Caramel teas.
I am also quite fond of teas from Fortnum & Mason of the UK. Their Royal Blend has become one of my permanent must have teas. Their Queen Anne blend is very fine as well.

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