What are your favorite non US-based tea companies?

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Since this one has been revived… I need to add Teavivre!

SimplyJenW said


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Roland said

I’m in the UK. I believe they’re already in the system, but I’ve used (and been very impressed by):

Waterloo Teas – http://shop.waterlootea.com/
(Disclaimer – I work for a company that sells their teas)

Postcard Teas – http://www.postcardteas.com/

Wan Ling Teahouse – http://www.wanlingteahouse.com/

Everyman Tea Company – http://www.everymanteaco.com/
(Discalimer – I haven’t ordered, I got some samples before the shop was launched)

I’ve been in contact with all of them in one way or another – they’re all very friendly and helpful.

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Joe said

My favorite non-US based tea company is http://yuuki-cha.com/. Their Sencha’s as great as is their customer service. They also do a great job of giving you quite a bit of data regarding your tea (leaf variety, harvest date, etc.).

The only downside is their shipping costs but then again they are shipping you tea directly from Japan.

Although I rarely drink Japanese tea, I love the kyusu I got from yuuki cha! I used it for oolong and puerh and found it unbelievable. It’s the best $40 kyusu I’ve ever touched, and I almost want to buy an identical one :-)

Jillian said

I haven’t bought any tea from them, but I’ve got several of their gorgeous washi paper tins.

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I really love DAVIDs Tea… I know it sort of doesn’t count, since it’s Canadian based, and it ships North America for $5… but they really are friendly people. (Must be because they’re Canadian haha)

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