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Verdant Tea's New Website

Dear Steepster,
We want to extend our most sincere thanks to the community here. Discussions like “what do you look for in an online retailer,” and others have been a large part of our inspiration in completely re-envisioning our website.

In China tea is all about sharing, all about exchange and interaction over a shared pot. Our goal was to rethink what a website can be, and try to share as much as possible through video, articles, expanded product info, beautiful pictures and more.

As a small token of our gratitude, we would like to extend a coupon to the community for $10 off an order of $40 or more. Use “CELEBRATINGTEA” from now until April 23rd. We hope you have fun browsing the new site and look forward to your feedback!


Best Wishes and Many Thanks,
David Duckler
Founder, Verdant Tea

61 Replies
Lindsay said

Thank you for giving me the push I needed to put in a big order of Alchemy Blend teas.

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Lindsay said

BTW David, the email newsletter says the coupon code expires April 23.

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Kittenna said

Ack! I really hope the coupon is good until April 23. I literally just placed an order for the Oolong Sampler (which appears to now be non-existent), and if I like the teas I’ll place another order, but I don’t anticipate they’ll arrive for at least a couple weeks.

Have fun with those oolongs! I have a new Dancong besides the Huang Zhi Xiang that is actually on a plane right now for Minneapolis. I will put the sampler back up when the shipment arrives and my stocks are replenished.

Kittenna said

I am so excited! Glad to hear it’s only temporarily gone, as I think sample packs are fabulous ideas, especially for companies with online ordering. I was looking at one of the others as well (that’s on there now), so if I like those oolongs I’ll definitely be making another order :) (And even if I don’t I probably will too, but I have to wait regardless until April’s budget to fit another purchase in!)

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I just edited it to be April 23rd. Thanks! Cute cat Lindsay!
Best Wishes,

Lindsay said

Thanks! That’s Frank when he was a kitten. Such a charmer.

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Pithy said

Looks really good! I appreciate how much information you have about sourcing the teas.

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So the Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity brew is gone for good? Or is it until the laoshan black comes back?

The Chocolate Chamomile will be back probably on Wednesday of next week. I am waiting for the Laoshan Black, and I actually sourced a new small-production cacao nib to use. I am also playing with just a touch of whole vanilla bean.

The He Family in Laoshan is surprised how fast the Laoshan black is selling. They are really happy that everyone likes it! They just got some more together for me, and the package looks like it left Beijing customs / airport last night.

Short answer: Definitely not gone for good!

That Laoshan Black just came back in today, and it is even better than the last harvest. This means that Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew is back in business, along with imperial breakfast and Laoshan Chai. Very exciting for us!

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How lame! Totally not fair that your thread is getting hijacked by spammers (not even clickable or useful, anyway).

But that aside: Congrats! Looks so good!

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How great! I liked the design and layout of your website before, but the new website is great, too!

I like that you now have an 8 OZ option. I like that you tell us if the tea is in ‘low stock’ (as with the Laoshan Green); very cool! I’m really glad you still post the harvest dates for your greens (in the ‘WHERE IS IT FROM’ tab). The new samplers are awesome, and for such great prices! I think that’s BIG. That Budset Tea Tasting Kit certainly is tempting. I see some of the old samplers are gone, though (like the Loashan sampler). I am hoping you plan to add some more soon?

I also like that you tell us when you plan to get more of a tea that is currently out of stock (like the Laoshan Black). That Tea is definitely awesome. I am glad to hear the He family is happy everyone likes it.

I love to give positive feedback, and that’s what I see for now. Sometime soon I plan to delve a little deeper and take a closer look.

Thank you for offering the coupon to the community.

My wife and I just enjoyed a pot of the First Picking Laoshan Green Tea this morning, and while I’m certain it’s not what it once was, it’s still very tasty! I’m looking forward to seeing what green Teas you will have this spring (and maybe even some green sampler sets?). Tea on!

Thank you SimpliciTEA!
I appreciate your feedback. Your comments in threads like the online retailer discussion and the sourcing discussion were very influential as we brainstormed for the new site design. Conveying as much info on the source of the tea, the family who grows it, etc, was extremely important. In the coming months, I will be getting pictures of all the growers and collecting interviews for their own profile pages.

I will be upgrading the out of stock message soon too- I am putting together a live update page where people can see the picking schedule, and follow the estimated arrival dates of everything on its way.

Don’t worry about the sample packs- I had to pull a few of the popular ones until my next shipment comes in due to low stock. I have a shipment hopefully coming this week, and one next week. The last autumn harvest is on the way to tide us over until the spring harvest (which happens a bit later in Laoshan than the south of China.) I will get the samplers back up as new teas come in.

Best Wishes,

David: it’s great to hear that my feedback and comments were helpful. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading the interviews.

The spring harvest in Laoshan will happen later than the rest of China? Thanks for the heads up. That makes sense, as they are further north, so spring will naturally come a little later. That could have one benefit, as you won’t be competing with all the other tea retailers when their fresh green tea becomes available. None-the-less, I’m looking forward to seeing what Laoshan will bring us this year!

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Bonnie said

David…I am loving your new website! I’ve been watching your tea education video’s and reading your material. My cousins were doing tribal language translation in Kathmandu (last name Chamberlin) until things got a bit dangerous a bit ago. Now they are in Thailand and like you love it in the East ( been there18 years at least). My favorite website reading was about your aquisition of Puer for your wedding and the way it is used to mark time in your life (anniverseries etc.). Having worked in a winery I know vintners who save wine for opening years later to mark occasions but I like the Puer way better. The West has lost much of this Food and Ceremony tradition. I have a tradition In Greek Orthodoxy that has lots of fasting and feasting…marking time with traditions thousands of years old also, and I enjoy it. So, you did a great job! I look forward to all your adventures and updates! I have so much to learn!

Thank you Bonnie,
Sounds like a pretty incredible research project your cousins are up to. I can’t get enough of the folklore and oral tradition story telling. An interest in the legends of tea told by the farmers was definitely what got me so far into the culture.

Your comments on ritual make my morning. Ultimately, tea is about ritual. I am not going to try to advocate that everyone drinks tea the way they do in China. As a translator, my work is always to make something meaningful and accesible in its new language or culture. My hope for tea here is that the intrinsic qualities of tea (helping us slow dow, appreciate beauty, etc) can find their way into rituals meaningful to people outside of China.

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Bonnie said

David, I share tea with my many grandchildren who love it and even the young boys have tea sets. Part of the practice of the presence of God is to be in the moment…in the now. Tea helps us stop and be present. I appreciate this gift and I must admit I have an appreciative tea palate! When I review a tea on steepster there usually is a story attached and sometimes a 7,9, or 16 year old is assisting with tasting opinions. Old lady rambling! So, all the best to you. Bonnie Johnstone

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