VeryPisces said

Tea Apps for the Phone- do you use any?

I have an iPhone app called Tea that I used to catalog of all the teas I own, but I don’t find it easy to use and I’ve stopped adding to it. I have a Mac and don’t mind using software on that instead. I’m wondering if any of you are as anal as I am and like to catalog your tea, along with their tasting notes, brewing instructions etc. If so, do you use plain ol’ pencil and paper or have you gone techie with it?

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momo said

I don’t use anything on my phone beyond the timer in the clock. I think I tried that app but I didn’t like that it didn’t have a way to like, select a tea and then time it. Now, I have my tea catalogued in a spreadsheet. I use OpenOffice instead of any kind of pay software (I’m also on a Mac). I don’t remember if I looked in the app store for anything that would have been better suited for tea but a spreadsheet is perfect for me anyway. I don’t keep tasting notes in it but I think I have it set up like so:
tea type
tea name
if I have tried it yet
if I have reviewed it on my blog

I will probably add brewing time/temperature and amount of tea in the future to it, I always felt like I was missing something and that feels like what I need.

We have an app loaded on our phones called ‘Tea Tips’. It has customizable brewing timer widgets which are terribly handy. Missy has one ‘page’ on her phone dedicated to eight widgets with different brew times, so she can just hit one whenever she starts something. I recommend it, it’s nice :). Though it doesn’t play music like Teavana’s app, it’s like a tenth of the storage space as well.

James R said

I use android, theres one called Tea Timer, which is nothing else but a timer that rings when your tea is ready. I like it, nice and simple

I have the Teavana app for iPad. It’s decent. I only really use it for the tea timer, but it offers blend suggestions too, and sometimes those work out. I really use on the computer much more – it’s great. You just type into your browser to steep for 3 minutes, or for 30 seconds, or whatever you want for the time, or you can even do to steep for a specific kind of tea.

i use the teavana app just for the tea timer, the music annoys me tho lol

momo said

I forgot I had downloaded that. Isn’t there a speaker icon in the top left corner to shut it up while it steeps? I gave up using it because it always crashed while steeping and all but one time was not looking at it so I lost the time.

VeryPisces said

I would love for some tea geek to take the beer app Untappd and apply it to tea. It would be like a mobile Steepster.

This is exactly what we need!!!

teawade said

This thread got me thinking about how great it would be to have a steepster app. I actually googled it and found the thread from 2 years ago on the subject. I wonder if progress is being made on this front because I would love to see one sometime soon. Taking steepster on the go would be great for posting tasting notes immediately after trying a new tea in a tea shop or wherever we are. Anyone know if this will ever happen?

VeryPisces said

I agree, teawade. It’s nice to have our community in our pocket! There are a couple of tea places I’d like to try around here and it would be fun to update Steepster on the fly!

teawade said

It makes enough sense that you would think someone is working on it as we speak. I guess we can cross our fingers and hope for some good news in the coming days!

Ptkelo said

Not an app, but I really like using when I am near a computer. It’s cute.

teawade said

thanks for the suggestion. definitely is cute haha.

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