Tea Apps for the Phone- do you use any?

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cteresa said

No, but use evernote to keep notes, particularly evernote with webclipper to export easily from the site.

one thing, when you write a steepster tasting note on the iphone (using safari) can you adjust the rating scale? Maybe there is a trick, but so far twice I have tried I have not been able to change it on the phone. I had commited and wrote the review and published it just the same with the “wrong” rating and then when i could I changed the numerical rating using the computer.

Dinosara said

In order to get the slider to accept a rating in iOS you have to just touch it in the area where you want the rating to be. If it’s off of where you want to be, you can’t touch too close to where you touched before, you have to touch somewhere far away from your desired rating and then back to your desired rating. It’s tough because you never know what numerical score you’re getting! I usually don’t bother adjusting until I’m back at a computer, either.

cteresa said

ah, thanks so much dinosara!

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deftea said

In Pursuit of Tea has an app, which has good descriptions of various teas as well as a programmable timer. I used it a lot while I was still learning about different teas. Admittedly, it discusses the teas that you can then order from In Pursuit of Tea, right from the app, but still… Highly recommended.

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