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Tina S. said

Teavana to buy Teaopia

Saw this today: http://ir.teavana.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=246215&p=RssLanding&cat=news&id=1683143

I’m curious what are everyone’s thoughts?

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All I can say is that I feel like I should order all the Teaopia teas I’ve been interested in now before they’re made lesser by Teavana… I’m not at all impressed with Teavana blends or the way they sell tea, so I want to at least try all the Teaopia I’ve had my eye on before there’s a chance they’ll be changed.

Ha! That was my thought too. I haven’t tried a lot of Teaopia teas, but, I know I’ve liked what I’ve tried.

I’m thinking the exact same thing…

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Oh noes.

I really, REALLY want to try their Fireside S’mores but I don’t want 120 grams of it without ever having tried it! Now I may never get the chance…

My two pennies: Do it. It’s not the best chocolate tea I’ve ever had, but it’s quite forgiving (so it’s a better chocolate tea to make on mornings when I want something chocolate but am bleary enough to screw my others up), and it’s quite good as a latte.

I wasn’t super impressed with it originally – I bought the smaller tin based on the hype, and thought, “That’s it?” when I drank it – but it’s somehow grown on me so much that I’ve bought two of the bigger tins recently because I know I will want it when it’s gone.

I got mine as a to go cuppa. Are you near a store?

Nope, I live in the States. That’s okay. I bet I could make my own blend. I have a recipe for crispy tiny marshmallows like the ones in Lucky Charms.

@Rebecca Lynn, I’m interested in that tea too but hesitant because it’s sooo much tea! Do you want to go halfsies on it with me?

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Jillian said

Boo hiss!

DaisyChubb said


Also in agreement. Bye bye another Canadian brand :(

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Hrmm. I wonder what kind of fire that’s going to light under DAVIDsTEA.

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I think I’m gonna cry :’(
Seriously, this is heartbreaking!!!!

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“You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”


lol, +1.


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Jillian said

I wonder if they’ll leave the Teaopia stores as is for awhile like they did initially with SpecialTeas.

I hope so!! I personally prefer Teaopia to David’s so I need time to adjust! their tea is just better quality. For now anyways!

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Meh. They’re practically the same thing anyway. I’m just grateful I no longer feel the need to support them as a Canadian company, their low quality teas literally made me ill. Now I can avoid them with pride XD.

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teaquiero said

They do have a lot of similarities, and Teaopia makes half the revenue. I’m hoping maybe they’ll keep the stores the same way they are and just implement some of the Teavana selling strategies to boost profit.

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slygirl said

Wow, I didn’t even know that Teavana was on the NYSE.

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