denisend said

Take it Away!

Now that we have private messaging…. how about a thread for stuff that we don’t want anymore? Be sure to include any shipping restrictions.

Edited, to clarify:
Stuff should only be posted here if you’re willing to give it away without expectation of receiving anything in return.

If the receiver wishes to offer something in return, that’s cool (or they can post their own giveaways).


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denisend said

Stuff I don’t want. Shipping just to North America (changed it – Canada and Mexico should be fine, I think).

Stash Orange Starfruit (it’s really more of a chamomile)
Teavana’s Zingiber Ginger Coconut
Stash YMY Genmai Green (we won’t drink all of this one)
Teavana Plum Harvest (I’m just not going to drink it all)

I would be interested in these if you want to swap some stuff…or something…I can’t send out your package until after the middle of next week tho…PM me if interested…

denisend said

My list has been updated! See above.

wombatgirl said

Has anyone claimed that Ginger Coconut? Or the plum Harvest?

denisend said

Nope, do you want?

wombatgirl said

Yes please. Let me know if there’s anything from my stash you’d like to trade for!

Samantha said

Has anyone claimed the orange starfruit?

denisend said

Nope, send me a PM and I’ll mail it to you.

Cofftea said

Ah the need for “Take this!” buttons by cupboard items:) This’ll serve it’s purpose in the mean time though. Thanks for starting it.

Great thread idea, denisend!

Jillian said

Stuff I don’t want, let’s see….

Choconut Chai – Zhena’s Gypsy
Tropical Fruits Red Tea – Vykasa
Pumpkin Spice – Stash
Mango – Tea Desire
Mango-Papaya Rooibos – Tea Desire
Formosa Oolong – Zack’s Coffee and Tea
Get Clean – The Rebublic of Tea

If anyone wants anything from the list, feel free to contact me on the IM thingy. I live in Canada but I’m pretty flexible (within reason) as to where I’ll ship to.

Cofftea said

Can’t IM you, but if you don’t have anyone from Canada willing to take Get Clean! off your hands, I’d be willing to try it.

Jillian said

Sent you a PM

I’d be interested in the Choconut Chai – Zhena’s Gypsy

Jillian said

Sold! Either PM me or email me (my addy is a few posts up) with the details. :)

PeteG said

Jillian I have observed some fm Toronto…and I am sure there are ‘lurkers’ fm coast to coast to coast…hey? Any Canadians reading this stand up and be proud…how about that Hockey Team eh?

en0ush said

Is there any of the pumpkin left??

GONE-Coconut cocoa tea – the republic of tea
sorry that’s it for now
amazonv @ gmail dot com – i mostly have sample sizes that are gone after i try them
will ship anywhere, but it’s nearly a full canister (20 teabags) so i’d like similar amount back in swap (loose or bagged or mix i don’t care)

Sent you a gmail/gchat invite

i think i got it? anyway i accepted one this morning!

Carolyn said

Please take these off my hands (will ship anywhere):

52 Teas: Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Toast Tea (approximately 1.5 ounces)
52 Teas: Organic Stevia Leaves
Red Leaf Tea’s Wild Money Marsala Wine Tea (approximately 1.5 ounces)
Republic of Tea’s Cardamon Cinnamon tisane (approximately 30 tea bags)
52 Teas’ Date Flavored Black Tea (approximately 2 ounces)
Teafrog’s Chocolate & Ginger Spice tisane (approximately 100 grams)
Numi’s Rooibos (approximately 12 tea bags)

I don’t need anything in trade. I will add more to this list as I figure things out. I will cross out anything that I have sent out.

Cofftea said

You’ve given me so much already, I hate to ask- but I’d be interested in the Organic Stevia leaves. Please put me at the very bottom of the priority list though:)

Carolyn said

Not a problem. You can have the stevia. As you already know, I’m slow at mailing things out and seldom manage it during the week. So it will go in the mail sometime between now and Sunday.

Cofftea said

Not a problem- as you know I have more than enough tea lol.

Jillian said

How did you get the strike-through in your post, Carolyn?

Oh, and I’ll take some (maybe half) of your TeaFrog Chocolate & Ginger Spice, and could I try one or two of the Cardamom Cinnamon RoT teabags?

Do you want anything that I posted on this thread or from my Cupboard in exchange?

Cofftea said

I’d like to try a small amount of the Marsala Wine tea since you’re sending out the stevia.

Carolyn said

I’d really prefer to not have to make small amounts and send them out. If it doesn’t work for you to get the bag or container, it’s probably better for me to wait for someone who doesn’t mind getting the whole thing. Quite frankly, I’m busy enough that if I have to separate out tea into smaller bags, label them and so forth, I won’t be able to send these out for at least a month or two and that makes sending these unfeasible for me.

OH! Me! Me! Me!!!!! I will send you a PM if you are still willing to send these…let me know if you are interested in anything, too, btw

Carolyn said

@Jillian To make the strike through put a hyphen at the beginning of the first letter of the first word you want struck through. Then put a hyphen next to the last letter of the last word you want to strike through.

Bethany said

Could I possibly get the 52 Teas date flavored black tea? I’m still on the fence about it, but it’d be great to have..

Carolyn said

My sense is that my life is unusual enough that I should probably explain rather than assume that everyone will understand without explanation.

Here’s my life: I work 50-70 hours a week and sometimes on weekends as well. I can’t tell when I will be woken at 2 in the morning to deal with an emergency server issue but when I am, I drag for a day or two and am not a very effective human. In those cases I will need to put more hours in at work to fix anything I did badly while working without sleep. In addition, I run with my husband in the morning and do a complementary exercise hour with him each night (weights or yoga or something else). We are also working on our novels and devote an hour a night to that. So most of the time I am only able to package things up for mail on weekends (if I’m not working) and even weekends are often tight for time.

I am fortunate to have enough money that the cost of postage is a non-issue to me. The cost of tea is pretty much a non-issue to me as well. This abundance of money has led me into trouble. It means that I can buy tea I am tempted by but don’t have room for and don’t have time to organize and deal with. I am put in mind of Pete’s notes about materialism and feel that I have fallen into that trap with tea and teaware.

In my ideal world, I would find a person to take the tea I don’t like. I would send out tea in the original packaging in envelopes that I can put in my mailbox (because finding time to go to the post office to mail boxes is also difficult for me).

In my ideal world after I have culled my tea, I would find a way to become less likely to buy so much and would be content with what I have rather than chasing novelty whenever some attractive tea appeared in my vision. In truth, I suspect it will be easier to find someone to take my tea than it will be to change my basic acquisitive personality.

So that’s me and that’s why I am fine with postage to anywhere, fine with sending you teas and not receiving anything in return, but am a bit of a jerk when it comes to doing something that would take more time.

Carolyn said

@TeaEqualsBliss Which do you want?

@Bethany Yes, I will send the Date tea to you once you send me your address (in private mail).

Carolyn – I sent you a PM…let me know if you didn’t get it.
Also…I am soooooo with ya on the unusual life! :) I have tons too so if you are interested let me know. Not that I have a bunch of money floating around (LOL) but am always interested in swapping and sharing teas! Plus…it seems we have a lot in common outside of tea…being veg and into yoga and computers and other things…teehee…or should I say TEAHEE

Cofftea said

Carolyn- I only requested a small amount as to not be selfish.

spohkh said

Hi Carolyn. If you haven’t sent out the Marsala Wine Tea, may I take it off your hands?

@Carolyn oh my you babysit servers too? i am amazed how fast i wake up when i hear the words ‘disaster recovery’ but anyway, in no rush at all as i have much tea i’m interested in the Teafrog’s Chocolate & Ginger Spice tisane if i could. just a serving or two, i don’t need a ton, i’d just like to try it.

Carolyn said

With notes in my personal message area (and no way for me to figure out what time each person wrote me there since it only shows ‘1 day ago’ for everyone) and no way to compare times from personal messages against the times for people who wrote on this thread, I am utterly confused and unable to proceed with sending things out fairly. (I am deeply frustrated with this situation.)

I will try to figure out a system by which I can do this in the future without causing myself this level of confusion. It may be that the only solution is to require people to leave their requests on this thread instead of my private mail, which puts things in order. But requiring that now would be unfair to the people who have already posted in my private mail. Or there may be some other solution that I will be able to figure out when I actually have time to think (which probably won’t come until May).

Second, despite my best efforts at explaining why I really don’t want to repackage small amounts of tea, most people have asked for that, which as I mentioned is really not workable for me. So I am thinking that this experiment in getting other people to adopt the teas I don’t like is an utter failure and I either need to think of some other way of doing this or simply resign myself to throwing the tea out. If anyone has recommendations on how to do this fairly (without dividing tea into smaller packets) please let me know.

I know what you mean! I’m just happy with want ever tea anyone wants to send…amount doesn’t matter…it should be easy and fun…if it’s not it becomes more like work…and no one wants more work, ya know!? :P You’re awesome Carolyn and I/We Appreciate you! I just wanted to say that! :) CHEERS!

Cofftea said

Carolyn, I’d just go w/ the 1st one you read.

@Carolyn no one should be stressed by this! go with whatever you read first, and send the whole thing, they can always re-post the remainder if they don’t end up liking it!

denisend said

Aww, Carolyn, no need to get stressed! Just do whatever you want to do! hugs

Spencer said

I’ll take the Red Leaf Tea’s Wild Money Marsala Wine Tea if it’s still available.

Melanie said

I’d take
Republic of Tea’s Cardamon Cinnamon tisane
Teafrog’s Chocolate & Ginger Spice tisane
if still available. I’ll follow you so you can follow me so I can PM you. NO rush – I read your post :-)

Take it Away – Take it Away – Take it Away NOW
Here’s my first list…let me know who wants what…

GONE- Cofftea -Bags of MISC Salada Teas
Bags of MISC Disney Teas
Bags of Acai Mango Zinger from Celestial Seasonings
Bags of Candy Cane Lane (just because I bought extra)
GONE – Cofftea – Opened Box of Ginseng Energy Wellness Tea from CS – About half full still
Maine Teaberry Tea – Stonewall Kitchen – Republic of Tea – about 1-2 servings of Loose Leaf Available
Long Life – Green Tea with Lemon Grass – Bags
Black Cherry Berry – C.S. – Bags
Benner Tea Bags – Black Tea – I HAVE LOTS!!!!
GONE- Cofftea – Raspberry Ginger – Yogi Tea – Bags
Decaf Citron – Adagio – a little less than 2-ounces
GONEBETHANY – Chesnut – Adagio – a little less than 2-ounces
GONEBETHANY – Cha Cha – Adagio – 2-ounces

More coming soon…

Bethany said

Could I get the Chestnut and Cha Cha, by chance?

Cofftea said

If no one has claimed the decaf citron, could I please have it? All or split it so I share w/ someone, it really doesn’t matter- whatever is best for you. I’d also be interested in the acai mango and teaberry.

Feltbeat said

Could I possibly try some of the Benner Tea Bags please? (:

This is four years old…

Okay…some more…

GONE – Denise- Sweet Potato Pie – Adagio – just under 2-ounces
GONE – Wombatgirl – Peach Oolong – Teavana – Approx an ounce
GONE – Wombatgirl – Boston Tea Campaign Green Darjeeling Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe – Approx an ounce
GONE – Jillian – Blue Mountain Niligiri – The Tea Spot
Enough for a serving of Vanilla Creme Earl Grey from California Tea House

denisend said

Okie, please throw the Sweet Potato Pie into my package? The husband and I will have to try it!

wombatgirl said

I’d love to try that peach oolong… I’m really getting into oolongs these days.

Sure! I have it marked…send me a PM with your info! And anything else you may be interested in…I will see what I can do! I would hate to send you just 1 tea! LOL

Spencer said

Would love to try the Vanilla Creme Earl Grey, as well as the Maine Teaberry Tea – Stonewall Kitchen, if they’re still available.

Janefan said

UP FOR GRABS to first replys (thread please, not PM — too hard to track both & want it to be open to people I may not be following.)

EDIT: The “sweet” package is on it’s way to AmazonV. The rest are NO LONGER a “Package Deal” (unless you want it all). I will mix/match – take as much as you want. Also added Mighty Leaf Rainforest mate.*

Mighty Leaf Rainforest Mate (10 bags – “artisan whole leaf pouches”)
Chai Green Tea – Stash (6 bags)
Decaf Vanilla Chai – Twinings (12 bags)
Tropical Rooibos – Saphara (12 bags)
Authentic Green with White – Celestial Seasonings (2 bag sampler pack)

Ok, the mate, rooibos, and vanilla chai are going to Gander. I’ll just keep the green teas for myself unless someone really wants them. I really don’t care for the green chai but I can give it away in teabag swaps on

“Sweet” Package #1 please!

Janefan said

I’ve updated this list. I hope the people subscribed to the thread don’t get a new message every time I edit! I was trying to do strikethrough and it wasn’t working for me so I just deleted the tea that’s gone.

PS – Saphara is Celestial Seasonings upmarket brand. They are in pyramid bags.

Gander said

Ah, I feel bad because I already applied for other “up for grabs,” but I love trying new stuff… I would like:

Mighty Leaf Rainforest Mate (10 bags – “artisan whole leaf pouches”)
Decaf Vanilla Chai – Twinings (12 bags)

If other people want some I can share… as long as janefan doesn’t mind splitting shipments.

Janefan said

Hi Gander, glad you’re interested. I just started following you and sent a PM. :-)

Jillian said

Okay kids, here’s Round 2! They’re not a package deal, so you can request one or a bunch, whatever you choose. :)

Pumpkin Spice Decaf – Stash (12 teabags)
Earl Grey Decaf – Stash (4 teabags)
Raspberry Cream Rooibos – Ronnefeldt TeaTeaEqualsBliss
Chocolatey Chai – President’s Choice (10 tea bags)Tea EqualsBliss
White Rain – Specifically Tea (50 g)TeaEqualsBliss
Earl Grey Bravo – Adagio (I’m not giving away the whole 4 oz tin, I just have more than I’ll use, so I thought I’d share – probably 20-30 g or so)Gander

I’m also adding these to the list of teas up from grabs:

Okanagan Apple Spice – Tillicum Valley Tea Co (~50g)Silvermage2000
Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling – Specifically Tea (~20g)Gander & AJ

Gander said

I would like to try some Earl Grey Bravo (Adagio) please :-)

Raspberry Cream Rooibos – Ronnefeldt Tea
Chocolatey Chai – President’s Choice (10 tea bags)
White Rain – Specifically Tea (50 g)

Any amount you want to send would be AWESOME :P
(i guess I posted this in the wrong place…sorry…Cofftea mention…she also mentioned she wanted the Chocolatey Chai but I don’t see it…LOL…So…could I get the Raspberry Cream Rooibos and White Rain???)

Cofftea said

Jillian, give TeaEqualsBliss the chai- she posted hrs before I did, it was my fault I didn’t see it. I doubt I’d be happy w/ it after 52teas Mayan Chocolate Chai anyway;)

Jillian said

Gander, TeaEqualsBliss, your claims have been noted. :)

Gander said

Oh, if it’s okay to take more, I would like the Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling please! I don’t have any darjeeling on my cupboard right now!

AJ said

If no one else is interested in requesting it (I feel guilty requesting teas because I just GOT an order in), I could take the Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling.

Jillian said

If you want I can split it between the two of you, AJ and Gander.

AJ said

Oh dear, I didn’t even see Gander’s post; I looked right past it. No, it’s fine then, Gander can have it.

Gander said

Splitting with AJ is fine, if it isn’t too much work for you, Jillian!

AJ said

I’m all right with that, then.

Jillian said

It’s no trouble, I just want to share the wealth. :D

Neither of you will get a huge amount but it should be enough for 3 or 4 cups at least, I think. AJ, I’ll throw in a couple of extra things with yours – actually I might throw in some extra stuff with everyone’s teas.

Except TeaEqualsBliss, she already has half of my tea collection, or at least it feels that way! ;P

AJ said

Neat! Thank you!

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