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Looking for a good electric kettle

Just something small and inexpensive for my dorm room next year. My roommate has one of these http://www.amazon.com/Sunbeam-Hot-Shot-Beverage-Machine/dp/B00006IUZ5/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top which I do not like because my ingenuiTEA doesn’t fit under it. Anyone have good suggestions for something else?

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I’ve got this puppy: http://www.target.com/p/Aroma-Hot-H20-X-Press-7-Cup-Stainless-Steel-Electric-Kettle/-/A-13795316#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink

It says $30 online price, but I think that’s what I paid in store. It’s a little prettier than the plain white plastic ones, it’s fairly big – I drink a LOT of tea, but I probably fill it once a day or so, and it heats up decently fast – if it’s full of cold water, it might take ~10 minutes, but it keeps the water warm FOREVER. I’ll go to class and come back and it’s still warm. Not warm enough to make tea, but warm enough to reheat the water super quickly. And I use it with my ingenuiTEA, and it works fine. The only downside is that it’s kind of loud when heating up, but not absurdly so.

brandy3392 said

I have 2 of these and they are great. But I agree that they are a little loud.

Note: Scratch that. I’ve just discovered mold in the bottom of it. That’s disgusting, and terrifying. I almost don’t want to know how long it’s been there. PSA: Kettles are warm, moist, and dark. Be sure to air them out properly…
I just ordered the Utilitea from Adagio – and paid an extra $20 for overnight. I don’t want to go without my kettle, but I’m sure as hell not drinking mold.

zfa32937 said

Ya learning about the material inside the kettle is important in order to buy a kettle that will not mold on the inside. Check out this link for some good information and recommendations.


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Azzrian said

This will heat your water to make good tea at the right temp. You have to watch it – you can’t set it to a temp and expect it to stop there and it does not stay hot. You have to make your tea, unplug, and refill next time but if you want your tea done right at the right temp for type of tea this is the way to go on a budget.

Missy said

I have one of these as well and I love it.

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darby select said

It’s a bit more, but I would recommend a Zojirushi. I discovered these a couple of years ago and CANNOT live without it! I even have a backup to take to my parents when I go there. You can search craigslist and ebay to get one less expensive. Also, Kohls online sells them and right now you save 30% with coupon code SAVE30.
The best part is that it temps accurately for the tea – 175/195/208
I leave mine on all day and night.
Here’s an example of a small one:
On amazon $113.20 and kohls using discount is $95 with free shipping

Azzrian said

Thats pretty cool too! :)

Scott B said

I have a Zoji and am very happy with it. My only complaint is there is no 160 setting-other than that it’s awesome. Never had a problem. Mine would probably be too big for a dorm room at 4 liter capacity.

That might be something nice for my family to have at home, but it’s not in my price range and I think it might take up too much space in my room. But thanks for the suggestion!

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momo said

my boyfriend just got this one http://www.amazon.com/Krups-BW3990-Electric-Brushed-Stainless/dp/B00261PZD8 and I almost want to get myself one too. No specific temperature settings, but it takes no time at all to heat up, and doesn’t seem to be finicky about me turning it back on to boil after it just heated to boil. It does sound a bit like a rocket taking off but it’s not too bad.

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You don’t want a plastic kettle that will add taste to the water. Kamjove makes literally dozens of different size and style water boilers for tea. Look for a small Kamjove 0.7 liter electric pot. They have several styles and are relatively inexpensive, attractive and have a separate base that can be set to shut off automatically. They are sold in many Chinatowns and online. I also recently got a 0.5 liter Wahl for travel on amazon UK which is the smallest I’ve ever seen. It’s got universal voltage but needs an American plug adaptor.

Oooh, I like those. No idea where I could find them though.

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david said

I found the Cuisinart to be the best. It has a couple of settings for each type of tea and stops. It also keeps water warm for 30 minutes after reaching the right temperature. It’s great as it is highly portable with a detachable base. Easy to use and reuse.


Is it bad that I want this one just because it looks kind of cool?

david said

not only does it look great, it works like a charm. EASY and perfect.

mrmopar said

cuisinart is the bomb if you do not have a kamovje setup. i also have a cuisinart coffee maker with hot water on demand that i use for most of my brewing. it works great with a kamovje infuser. hot water in the top of the kamovje let it steep for your desired time push the button and done. i love it for my pu er teas.

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Definitely cool looking but for me, 1500 watts plus keep at a specific temperature feature uses way too much electricity and 1.5 liter is much more water than I use at a sitting. I prefer a more simple, contemplative look myself at half the price. Like

I could see that. It’s typically tea for three in this house though, so we use a bit more water at once ;)

Tea shared with others always tastes better.

david said

Well, you don’t have to fill it to the brim… If it’s just me, I put in 1 cup worth of water. Heats even faster. It’s even better when sampling a large amount and variety of teas as you can leave it warming.

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WtFGoD said

how well do the kamjove pots work. they look like their just a steel pot on a hotplate?

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That’s basically it, WtFGod, but first they aren’t “hot plates”, they are specially made so that the metal rim of the pot fits into concentric grooves of the base to make the electric contact. Which means no shock and the base never gets at all hot to the touch. The pot can rotate 360 degrees. There’s also a weight sensing mechanism so that there has to be a mininimum amount of water in the pot to activate the current so that it never boils over when dry, And there’s also a control on the side of each one that can be set to auto, manual or stop. In auto, when you put the pot on the base, it heats to boiling and then stops until the water cools enough to warrant starting up again. Each of the many styles and shapes they make come in different sizes to meet household size requirements. They are simple, essentially made just to boil water for tea, but are incredibly durable, quite fast dispite low wattage and to my eye, attractive.

They seem to be the “house” water kettle in many tea shops in Manhattan and Flushing NY’s Chinatowns and also at Red Blossom in San Francisco.

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WtFGoD said

is there a specific store chain that carries the brand, the selection online is pretty limited and 40$+ for even the cheaper ones

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