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Azzrian said

Rotating Stock / Storage

So okay I am about to get my tins in here in a few days. I was deciding which teas to put into tins. There is no way I am getting ALL my teas in tins, and really there are some teas that I like but do not like enough to keep a permanent stash of. So I am thinking …some teas change, seasons change, new teas of the same name come out but yet they are still different right? So what do you all do about that? Do you just put the same named tea of a new season into the same tin or do you get a whole new tin once the new tea comes out?
I hope some of that made sense.
Thanks Steepsters!

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Missy said

Well I usually tin any tea that is over an ounce, but we have a lot of tins. I figure the smaller amounts will get used fast enough they won’t be harmed by staying in the bag. Besides I find getting teas out of tins easier than getting teas out of bags.

I haven’t gotten many hmm naked teas yet. Generally we try to get samples now so storing them is easy. If I was in the position to have two different harvest of the same tea, I think I would go with different tins. It’s my understanding they can taste different due to environmental pressures and such. So, if it was a tea I really enjoyed, separate tins with harvest dates on the labels.

We have a tin with a mix of teas. All naked teas we didn’t think made the cut for the staple and we don’t drink them much. They go into the FrankenTea tin, destined for iced tea this summer.

Azzrian said

Yeah that is pretty much what I thought as well. I knew I should have ordered more tins but I guess at least its a start. Thanks for the input Missy! :)

Missy said

Your welcome!

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I think if we were ever getting to the point where we might have multiple years of the same tea, I’d want to clear out the ‘stock’ of the older teas to make room for the new. As excited as I may be to try the new stuff… I’d want to hold off.

Azzrian said

Agreed but lets say you did finish it off the old stuff that is – would you put the new stuff in the same canister or no?

Oh sure, totally. Clean them out a little first, letting them dry in the sun on the windowsill seemed to work pretty well. Then I’d totally reuse a tin :).

Although, not meaning to be wasteful… I have zero problems with throwing away a tin that’s gone ‘bad’. Marketspice, as much as I enjoy it, is slowly destroying any tin that it gets put in (which gives me concerns about consuming it). At roughly $2 a tin from specialtybottle, I feel justified throwing one away if I need to ;)

Missy said

This is where we differ. I feel I must wash and appropriately air things out for possible reuse. If that should fail then I will simply find some thing else the tin works for. So far the airing out trick seems to work pretty good. It does take some patience. I think it took 3 days to air out the market spice tin and the lid went back to it’s normal size.

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Knock out the fannings and dust, air them out a couple of days and reuse them for whatever I just bought . Except for strongly scented teas like Lapsong Souchang or Earl Grey, they stay in their own tins. And I keep my Pu-erh in a larger double covered clay jar big enough for a bing cha. That gets recycled too, but much less often.

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Generally I don’t keep anything in tins unless it’s expensive and/or I have more than 2 oz. of it. There just isn’t enough room in my apartment and the envelopes are easy to lie flat. Pu-erhs, I just keep them in a cardboard box. I generally wash and reuse my tins and just slap a new label on there with masking tape. I know that is not very glamorous but it saves money/aluminum/whatever

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I have basically 3 different types of cannisters. Silver colored ornate cylinders I bought over the years at Ten Ren Tea; burgundy rectangular metal cannisters that various purchases came in from Fang Gourmet Tea and then a cacophony of different sized and colored tins I got at other times which for some reason I liked and kept. Although I usually go in cycles as to what I’m drinking, I still usually keep about a dozen or so different types of loose tea around to meet my moods.

I never put labels on the tins though, part of my tea-geek fun every morning is to pick up one of silver or burgundy metal canisters and see if I can figure out which tea is inside just by the sound as I gently shake it. Each type of leaf has its distinctive sound.

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I have a ton of cannisters – the plain silver branded ones from Teavana, various washi paper ones from Teavana, little circular ones from Adagio, thin metal ones from Art of Tea, little squat ones from DAVIDs… the list goes on. I try to tin teas if I can, especially since I have SO much tea that I’m worried it’ll go stale if I don’t. I’m sort of at the point where I tell myself that I have to buy the tin if I’m getting more than 50g of a tea, and then I fight with myself about whether I want to pay for the tin or not… XD. But I’ve got a wire rack that has everything on it, and I have a giant oval tin from Teavana that’s designated as my “sample” tin.

If you never stumbled across the tea storage discussion here:


It’s worth a read. There’s some discussion, and links to different websites. Personally, I use the TWS6 containers from:


We have… I don’t know… 40 of them or so now. At roughly $2 a tin, I never really think about whether I want to buy a tin or not… just whether I need more :)

The TWS6 tins are similar to the Teavana ones, but instead of a hard plastic ring on the inside with that little clicky catch, it’s like a soft rubber seal that fits a little more snugly. A little hard to explain, but I’d totally vouch for them.

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